Salzbrenner Stagetec introduces wireless control surface for AURUS console

At the recent AES Europe show in Amsterdam, German console manufacturer Salzbrenner Stagetec introduced a virtual mixing surface for its large-format AURUS console, popular with European broadcasters. Running on a wireless networked tablet PC, the Aurus Virtual Surface is offered as optional equipment for the AURUS console or can be retrofitted to work with existing AURUS mixers.

The new virtual control interface can either append eight additional fader control channels to the AURUS console or be run in parallel with the mixing console’s faders. The AURUS Virtual Surface is a software application and is designed for implementation on a touch-screen tablet PC. When networked via WLAN, this compact unit can serve as a roving remote control. For example, during rehearsals, mixing console settings can be developed, refined and stored in the AURUS console.

The AURUS Virtual Surface was initially intended for theater use to give the sound engineer an easy method of controlling the remote AURUS console in the control room directly from the hall. However, many broadcasters in attendance at AES Europe were interested in the new unit for rehearsing large TV shows and for developing new program concepts.

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