RUSHWORKS’ Integrated Production System Helped South Miami Go Remote

(Image credit: RUSHWORKS)

FLOWER MOUND, Texas—With social distancing causing increased need for remote production capabilities, RUSHWORKS has aimed to meet the needs of broadcasters and production groups for meeting the new realities brought on by the coronavirus pandemic with an integrated production system.

A number of RUSHWORKS products make up the company’s integrated production system, including VDESK and REMO Integrated PTZ Production Systems, A-LIST BROADCAST and A-LIST Streamster scheduling and playout systems. The system has been used to provide production and information management infrastructure. RUSHWORKS has also developed ways to handle “hybrid” meetings, featuring on-site and remote participants.

One example of RUSHWORKS' tech being put to use is by the City of South Miami, which utilized RUSHWORKS’s system design and installation team to launch fully remote meetings and mixed remote/on-site meetings. The city used RUSHWORKS’ VDESK to configure a new aux mix on a Dante mixer, enabling NDI to Zoom meeting software; phone calls from citizens were also integrated into the mix using SIP enabled Dante processors.

With this technology, since all the infrastructure already existed, the city used its normal signal path out to air, as well as to caption and record meetings for rebroadcast, feed to multiple cable systems and stream to the city’s website.

“RUSHWORKS Integrated Production Systems include not only streaming and NDI support, but also a simple path for conducting the interactive remote sessions so in-demand now, where no one needs be, or can be, present at these facilities,” said Rush Beesley, RUSHWORKS founder and president. “Using Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and other ‘conferencing’ software packages, up to 100 participants can interact with video and voice, all displayed in ‘head and shoulders’ video panels in a Multiview screen presentation.”

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