R&S Introduces TMU9compact UHF Transmitter

MUNICH—Rohde & Schwarz is releasing a new transmitter for the middle ground, as the company has unveiled its TMU9compact UHF transmitter, which is designed as a medium-power transmitter for the 400 W to 600 W power range. It also offers support for DVB-T2, DVB-T, ISDB-Tb and ATSC digital TV standards.

The TMU9compact is scalable, allowing it to be adaptable to a variety of requirements. This includes operating it as a single transmitter containing only an exciter and an amplifier, or as a transmitter system that features system control, rack, GPS infrastructure, and exhaust air kit.

New to the R&S’ compact class of transmitters is the company’s Multiband Doherty technology, allowing the TMU9compact to achieve energy efficiency of up to 35 percent. Additional features include an integrated exciter backup battery, redundancy concepts, intelligent fault diagnostics, and adaptive precorrection.

The transmitter can be operated as a desktop transmitter or integrated into 19-inch racks.