Ross Video Launches Kiva Presentation Servers

(Image credit: Ross Video)

OTTAWA—Ross Video announced the launch of its new Kiva live presentation server, a new media server platform that complements its Tria production server and Mira replay server.

Kiva’s intuitive UI presents a variety of digital media, including real-time video clips, fill+matte stills and animations, surround sound audio and sponsored advertisements to venue video boards with a simple click. Operators also can create playlists with these media elements for flexible playout control, the company said.

While appropriate for a variety of production environments, the new presentation server is especially well-suited to sports and live events that can benefit from Kiva’s ability to play content on multiple displays at a venue. It also offers a solution for broadcast and corporate studios that use live and live-to-disk workflows, said Ross Video.

With an intuitive, picon-based UI, Kiva supports familiar shotbox-style operations. It enables fast, easy point-and-click actions, one or two pairs of preview and program players and control over audio levels and player controls. Users have the ability to customize the interface, the company said.

Ross Video also announced the last installment of its Ross Live | 2020 Season. The finale and any previous presentation is available on-demand from the company’s website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz

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