Ross Video launches 5 MLE production switcher, 8 MLE Vision Octane

Ross Video launched a 5 MLE production switcher control panel at the 2010 NAB Show.

The Ross Vision Series control panels are modular and have the ability to add extra MLE and crosspoint control into open module slots on the control surface, thus adding control for additional MLEs. Dedicated simultaneous control of up to 5 MLEs is possible in the largest Vision Series control panel.

The company also unveiled the Vision Octane, an 8 MLE production switcher chassis, at the NAB Show. Vision Octane is has 35 full-screen HD animation stores, 24 channels of 3-D DVE with WARP capability, 96 inputs, 48 outputs and 56 keyers (32 full keyers), 12 aux key mixer/keyers on the aux bus outputs and 12 DVE key combiners. Vision Octane can be loaded with any number of MLEs from one to eight, match any application and be combined with up to nine different control panels.