Ross Video develops 3Gb/s fiber line

At IBC2009, Ross Video is introducing an openGear 3Gb/s fiber line that offers a range of optical and electrical conversions with ultra high density offering up to 40 conversions in a 2RU frame.

The fiber line allows customers to choose the number of conversions and the number of reclocked I/Os to meet the needs of any application. It is designed with all active components on the front removable module, making the rear I/O passive.

Fiber output launch power is -7dBm at 1310nm using a standard optical LC connection. Input sensitivity is -19dBm with an optical range of 1270nm-1610nm using an LC connection.

As part of the fiber launch, Ross is introducing a 3G-capable, HD/SD 16-channel audio mux/demux. The audio proc allows for invert, sum, swap, shuffle, gain and sample rate conversion. These solutions can be locked to house reference to guarantee glitch-free audio embedding even on the loss of input video.

The Ross fiber line has data rates of 143Mbps-2.97Gbps, passive backplanes, up to 40 conversions in a 2RU and is coupled with the flexibility in I/O capability.