Rohde & Schwarz brings mobile TV-friendly transmission systems to NAB2008

Rohde & Schwarz at NAB2008 introduced several transmission solutions applicable to mobile TV deployments, including a transmitter, a family of transposers and new features for the ETL TV analyzer.

The company showcased the new NV8303VO medium-power transmitter, designed for outdoor use. Because it is largely independent of the existing infrastructure, it can be placed exactly where it is needed to achieve optimum signal coverage. It is capable of serving as a backup if the main transmitter fails or needs service. Among the mobile TV standards it supports are MediaFLO, DMB-T and DVB-H. It features an output power of 900W.

The company also announced the addition of the R&S XLx8000 transposer family to its UHF/VHF low-power product range, for use with the SLx8000 low-power transmitters to fill coverage gaps. Mobile TV formats supported include MediaFLO, DVB-H and DAB/T-DMB.

R&S also displayed new features and options for MPEG-2 transport streams it has added to its ETL TV analyzer, combining the functions of an RF TV analyzer, an MPEG-2 analyzer and a spectrum analyzer into one universal test platform. Among the mobile TV standards the platform supports are DVB-H and DAB/T-DMB.

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