RF Central Enhances Flexibility With RFX Digital Fixed Links

RF Central has introduced its new family of digital fixed links, the RF Extreme GL Series, which it calls an ideal solution for studio-transmitter link, transmitter-studio link and inter-city relay applications.

The GL Series modular platforms offer the use of different boards, allowing the units to accept analog video, E3, EI (4x), ASI or SDI inputs with the option of mixing signals together and sending all signals over a single link.

RF Central's RF Extreme GL Series Fixed Digital Link

A variety of flexible options are available allowing the user to configure a system with either internal RF modules or RF outdoor units. The systems are available in 2 GHz, 7 GHz, 13 GHz, 18 GHz and 23 GHz links and are capable of high capacity up to 155 Mbps.

“The RF Central family of digital links offers broadcasters the ability to pass multiple SD and HD videos over a single link,” said RF Central CEO Jeff Winemiller. “These links are designed for higher capacity demands of today’s microwave environment, such as high definition. In addition, the radios are SNMP managed to allow the links to be fully controlled via IP connectivity, which is yet another standard in today’s industry.”

The units are also bi-directional capable with added RF heads.”

The RFX GL series available now. RF Central is a brand of the Vitec Group.