Report predicts Japan, U.S. to lead mobile TV market

A new report from analyst firm Juniper Research predicts broadcast mobile TV will reach revenues of $11.7 billion worldwide by 2011.

Japan will lead the market, with revenues reaching $2.9 billion, and the United States will follow at $1.8 billion, according to Juniper Research. The UK is also predicted to be a key market, with revenue hitting $989 million from mobile TV.

Although Japan is initially offering a free service on its ISDB-T One Seg network, Juniper Research predicts it will start charging for the service in 2008. The Japanese, U.S. and UK markets are prime breeding grounds for mobile television viewing mainly because of the large appetite for TV viewing, according to Juniper Research.

Although South Korea has had a head start in broadcast mobile TV with its DMB efforts, Japan and the United States will overtake it in terms of the number of subscribers, based on the larger mobile subscriber base. Of the overall broadcast mobile TV subscriber market, Japan, the United States and South Korea will make up 39 percent, with the other major markets being Germany, Italy, UK, India and China, accounting for 36 percent, by 2011.

A whitepaper outlining further details of the new study, “Mobile TV: The Opportunity for Streamed and Broadcast Services, 2006-2011 (second edition)” is available.

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