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Redrock Micro Announces New Mini Rigs

DALLAS & HOLLYWOOD, CALIF.—Redrock Micro has introduced its new Mini Rigs, camera support for shooting on mirrorless cameras. Based of cinema-style rigs, Mini Rigs are compact versions designed for smaller, lighter cameras and shooting styles.

Mini Rigs feature three configurations for common shooting styles: the Mini Handheld Rig; the Mini Shoulder Rig; and the Mini Studio Rig. The Mini Handheld Rig offers three points of contact to keep shots steady. The Mini Should Rig has a self-leveling shoulderpad with FieldTech. The Mini Studio Rig offers a classic shooting style using a tripod or dolly.

Other features of Redrock’s Mini Rigs include support options to attach camera-top accessories, and the ability to build a customizable rig that fits different needs.

Redrock Mini Rigs are now available at a starting price of $299.