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Radio-Television Slovenia adds more Custom Console studio furniture

Radio-Television Slovenia (Ljubljana) has contracted Custom Consoles a second time for studio furniture.

This latest agreement includes four rectangular Module R desks and seven System 2 split-level electronically adjustable workstations as well as four Media Wall flat-screen monitor mounts.

Two of the four Module R desks are inline rectangular playout desks. Each has a 15ft by 4ft top surface that accommodates two groups of three ventilated equipment bays and two centrally located pods. Both desks incorporate a floor-to-desktop height storage cabinet and are fitted with five Ergotron monitor arms.

The other two Module R desks are production control desks. One is a 15ft by 4ft rectangular design that accommodates three equipment bays at its left and two at its right. Its central section is equivalent in width to four equipment bays and houses a video switcher. A 10ft by 4ft production desk also has been provided.

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