QuickPlay Media sees more than 60 percent growth in demand for mobile TV, video content in Q1 2009

QuickPlay Media just revealed the findings of its latest quarterly consumer consumption analysis. The conclusion, based on aggregate usage statistics from 15 representative QuickPlay-powered services in the first quarter of 2009, reveal steadily growing consumer demand for streaming and mobile video download content.

The findings also show that the number of unique streaming viewers also experienced a noticeable increase in the same time period. The total number of mobile video downloads also experienced a slight increase.

For video streams, the total number of live TV and video streams increased by 61 percent from Q4 2008 to Q1 2009; the total number of unique viewers increased by 11 percent from Q4 2008 to Q1 2009; and the average number of streams per user decreased slightly from 17.4 in Q4 2008 to 15.7 Q1 2009.

For video downloads, the total number of video downloads increased by 3 percent from Q4 2008 to Q1 2009 and the average number of downloads per user rose from 6.1 in Q4 2008 to 6.3 in Q1 2009.

News maintains its most popular standing for live streaming on mobile, while sports jumped into second place. This is interesting considering that QuickPlay Media recently launched its PrimeTime2Go premium mobile TV service in the United States for the Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Curve 8900 smartphones, adding prime-time news and ESPN.

The monthly subscription fee-based service lets consumers download and watch the most recent episodes of their favorite shows on demand, adding ABC, ABC Family, Disney Channel, Disney XD, ESPN and Discovery Communications to a lineup that already includes CBS, NBC Universal with Bravo, USA, SciFi and The CW.

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