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Professional Wireless Systems slam dunks NBA Finals RF coordination

From the moment the Oklahoma City Thunder hosted the Miami Heat in the first game of the NBA Finals, Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) worked behind the scenes to maintain all RF communications equipment and signals for the games. PWS remained on-hand for the duration of the Finals.

For the event, PWS lead RF coordinator John Garrido worked with the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat home arenas to familiarize his team with the facilities’ RF layouts. Garrido was joined by RF coordinator Larry Myhre, who came from the NBA, to help keep things running smoothly.

PWS was responsible for coordinating with the networks broadcasting the games, along with the local SBE coordinators, to ensure it had the necessary RF information for Miami and Oklahoma City.

Among the challenges PWS faced was the high volume of ENG crews and news reporters covering the events. To keep the high volume of RF signal usage in check and ensure frequencies maintained solid signals, PWS brought along its high-end portable equipment, including spectrum analyzers and portable analyzers.