Products - September Issue


Portable HDTV Standard Generator

B+K Precision has announced the Model 1253, a
portable HDTV multistandard pattern generator.
The lightweight, portable, battery-powered unit
delivers accurate test patterns for plasma, LCD,
TFT, CRT, DLP, GLV, and OLED digital display products.


Century Optics

.8X Wide Angle Converter

Century Optics has begun offering an affordable
version of its Century .8X Wide Angle Converter
for IF Pro type lenses, including 18X Canon IF
Pro and 19X/20X Fujinon Pro Classics. This professional,
front-mounted round add-on allows full zoom-through



Maven 3D

Emersys recently debuted the Maven3D Professional
video-referenced 3D audio editor in the U.S. It
is a post-production multichannel and multitrack
audio editor for prosumers and professionals.
Video-referenced editing supports playback and
audio extraction from five video formats and saving
to AVI. Synchronization is automatic but users
can also choose from SMPTE sync modes.



Entry Level Automation Solution

Encoda Systems has announced an automation solution
for smaller broadcasters. The new system configuration
allows broadcasters to expand their operations
from a single channel to 1,000 on-air channels
on a single-system architecture. The system is
modeled after the company's A7000 D-Series.



Xtreme T12

Egripment has recently brought to market the Xtreme
T12, a 40-foot telescoping crane that has a maximum
reach of 33 feet. It features a lightweight crane
arm capable of supporting full-size remote camera
heads such as the Egripment Hot Head II, as well
as full-sized film camera packages.




Panasonic's new AJ-HD1700 is a 2-hour DVCPRO HD
program production VTR specifically designed for
mobile vehicle, production studio, and editing
suite applications. It can record up to 126 minutes
in 1080/60i, 1080/50i, or 720/60p HD formats on
a single AJ-HP126EX cassette.


PESA Switching

UCI2000 For Thomson/GV Encore
& Series 7000

PESA's UCI2000 Universal Control Interface is
now available for Thomson Grass Valley's Encore
control system and Series 7000 routing systems.
Other models are planned for introduction in 2004.
The company also recently announced that its 3500PRO
series of System Controllers now offers a Windows
(NT, 2000, or XP) user interface to the company's
line of routing switcher control products.




Ross Video has launched OverDrive, a new, Windows-based
production control system. It features dual touchscreens,
which bring live control directly to the TD over
newsroom devices such as production switchers,
audio mixers, video servers, and robotic cameras.
The system provides a direct link into the newsroom
editorial system, connecting straight to the rundown.
Any changes made in the rundown are automatically
updated in OverDrive in less than a second.

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MPEG Analysis Software Options

ektronix recently announced a broad selection
of software-based analysis tools developed to
assist broadcasters needing to complement their
realtime network monitoring with deferred-time
testing on PCs. Capabilities include deferred
time analysis at the transport stream level (including
EPG view), as well as elementary stream test and
analysis of closed caption data.



Slim-Line Consoles

Winsted has added new multi-tiered Slim-Line prestige
consoles to its product line. The model C5150
configuration includes two 36-inch Slim-Line consoles
connected by a 15-degree corner section with an
adjustable keyboard shelf for comfort and flexibility.
The upper bracket allows multiple tier-mounting
of LCDs.


Book Smart

Interactive Television Production
By Mark Gawlinski