Prism Sound ships Orpheus FireWire interface

Prism Sound has begun shipping its multichannel Orpheus FireWire computer interface to dealers and distributors worldwide. The first international preorders have gone out to clients in France, Italy, the Ukraine and various locations in the United States and Canada. Orpheus is a FireWire audio interface for up to eight analog inputs capable of sampling rates up to 192KHz.

First unveiled at 2007's Frankfurt Musikmesse, Orpheus includes eight simultaneous balanced analog inputs, four line-level and four auto-sensing mic/line Neutrik combi jacks that will accept either phone or XLR connectors. High-quality mic preamps allow the signal at the mic-level inputs to be boosted by up to 60dB in 1dB increments, and each input has Prism Sound’s patented Sound Overkiller built in to prevent signal overloads before the A-D conversion stage. There are also a switchable SPDIF/AES-EBU stereo digital input and an eight-channel ADAT optical input, allowing the Orpheus to handle a total of 18 simultaneous inputs to any computer-based recording system hooked up to the unit's main FireWire connector.

A built-in mixer drives eight analog outputs, allowing users to monitor input signals with zero latency, insert analog summing mixers or control multiple stereo or multichannel monitoring systems directly. A low-jitter digital clock source is also built in, along with synchronous sample-rate conversion and SNS noise shaping, permitting accurate real-time reclocking or sample-rate conversion or high-quality dithering of 24-bit material down to 16-bit for CD mastering. Orpheus is fully software-controllable via cross-platform control application available for Windows XP or Mac OS X.

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