Primestream Updates Xchange With New Ingest Access Capabilities

Primestream Xchange
(Image credit: Primestream)

MIAMI—Primestream has introduced updates to its Xchange media asset management platform, which enable it to access and log “growing files” from live broadcast feeds as the content is being recorded. Xchange is designed to specifically help with news and sports production efficiencies.

The new Xchange ingest access feature lets users start creating a rough-cut edit of the program in real time as the live content is being captured in SDI- or IP-based operations, and then deliver the sequence immediately to air. A live clip can be reviewed, with timeline tools in Xchange being able to mark beginning and ending points of segments, as well as add metadata with descriptive comments to help with content search and retrieval.

Once a rough cut is done, the new Xchange features allow for transitions and graphics to be added for inclusion in a later scheduled program. The edit is also instantly available to editors working in the Xchange shared environment. Integration with NLE tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro is also possible.

Primestream says that Xchange can be integrated with content distribution networks and more than 100 third-party providers for maximum MAM flexibility.

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