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picoPrompt Wired Hand Control with iPhone

LONDONpicoPrompt offers a solution suitable for live breaking news in challenging situations

where it may not be practicable to take and rig a full prompting system. Recently used in many difficult situations both in the UK and abroad, picoPrompt, running on any iDevice, offers an Apple MFi certified accessory to provide a wired hand control. No connections need to be set up, the system is plug-in-and-go, giving an instant, reliable, connection using a rotary knob to control the rate of scroll.

The system eliminates the worry about a Bluetooth or WiFi connection dropping out. Use it linked to Autoscript’s WinPlus News software , WinPlus Remote, using 3G or WiFi over an FTP connection, and scripts and updates can be automatically uploaded to a remote picoPrompt prompting device anywhere in the world.