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Pharos Launching New Web Browser Playout Control

Pharos will trek to IBC with Mediator 4 Playtime, a new option for the Mediator content manager platform, to meet the growing demand for distributed playout operations.

Pharos Mediator 4 With the new Mediator 4 Playtime option, playout can now be managed from multiple remote locations while sharing the central Mediator infrastructure for ingest, browse, transcode, storage and playout. By flexibly locating playout management away from central infrastructure, Playtime allows operations to be distributed to the most convenient location, enabling more flexible staffing.

The new option allows international clients to view, and if necessary, interact with their schedule and playlist.

"For the first time, international broadcasters and service-providers can view playlists and manage their playout operations remotely with web browser user interfaces," said Russell Grute at Pharos. "Playtime is fully integrated with the Mediator content management platform and provides all the information required to manage global playout from any location. This allows playout operations to be distributed between international broadcasters, service-providers, their affiliates and clients."

The new Playtime Web interface features thumbnails of every piece of material.

Pharos will be at Stand 10.D31