PESA's CAT PAWS Make Their Mark

PESA Switching Systems recently introduced its new CAT PAWS twisted pair RGBHV transmitter and receiver that can drive an SXGA signal over CAT-5 cable as far as 450 feet.

Designed with internal skew compensation and using UTP cable, the unit analyzes the incoming signal, converts it at the transmitter and reconstructs it as a true sync signal at the receiver, instead of forcing the sync signals through the cable.

The CP450TX and CP450RX CAT PAW modules--both having met CE and FCC approvals--feature an RJ-45 connector and an HD-15 connector for RGBHV sources and have an LED signal indicator and external power pack. Optional receivers are available for 1000-foot and 1500-foot uses.

"With our CAT PAWS, we're able to provide excellent overall fidelity even over extended distances while utilizing a facility's existing network," said Bob McAlpine, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Melville, N.Y-based company.

CAT PAWS support video resolutions of up to SXGA (1280x1024 at 75-Hz) with an impedance of 75 Ohms.