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Pesa Releases Clikcontrol Software

Pesa Switching Systems has launched its Pesa Clikcontrol network router control software, designed to help broadcasters manage networked routing switcher distribution by leveraging TCP/IP networks and a MS Windows browser interface to enable control of Pesa's routing system controllers from any studio.

The Clikcontrol server communicates with the 3500PRO or Ocelot control system via RS-232, and offers password-protected user profiles and customizable features such as local remote salvos, hot takes for sources and destinations and individual lock/unlock. A grid-based concept allows users to select single- or multiple-destination blocks to be switched concurrently. The system may be expanded incrementally in blocks of 10, 25, 50 or 100 users as the user network grows. Clikcontrol software will be on display at NAB2004.