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PESA Introduces Compact Digital Switcher

Pesa Switching Systems introduced their MCLite Digital Master Control Switcher at the recent SMPTE conference in Pasadena, Calif. The MCLite is touted as a compact, cost-effective, multichannel SD switcher with an A/B mix-effects processor, up to four keying layers, logo keyer with internal storage, logo management software and optional DVE squeezeback.

MCLite uses two of the facility's routing switcher outputs to select the program and preview inputs for an indefinite number of sources. Key and voice-over inputs are also supplied and switched by the router.

The single-channel base MCLite system is equipped with A/B input PGM/PVW video and 4-channel audio mixers, a downstream keyer, logo keyer, two AES voice-over inputs, GPIO and automation interfaces, redundant power supplies and system setup software.

Additional audio features include audio lead and lag transitions, gain and phase adjustments, and channel swapping and summing.