Pearlman shows TM 1 tube microphone at AES

At AES2008, Pearlman Microphones showed a collection of hand-built tube microphones suitable for digital recording. The TM 1 and TM 2 share a heritage of quality, with high-end components and performance. All are built by founder Dave Pearlman of Sherman Oaks, CA.

The TM 1 sports a large-diaphragm, 6-micron, gold-sputtered capsule and a New Old Stock WWII Vintage Telefunken metal tube said to be electrically identical (except for the heater voltage) to the Telefunken VF14 used in the classic Neumann U47. The hand-wired circuit includes selected WIMA polypropylene coupling capacitors. The output transformer is designed to match the German steel tube output impedance. The mic can also be made with the American tube equivalent for a slightly lower price.

The TM 1 tube microphone is shipped with a custom-built power supply, tube microphone cable with Neutrik and Mogami connection, a heavy-duty shock mount and aluminum shipping case.

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