Patriot Antenna to supply, build CSIRO MultiBeam Technology

Patriot Antenna Systems of Albion, MI, has been appointed the international licensee for the supply and manufacture of CSIRO's MultiBeam Technology.

In forming this partnership, CSIRO will now rely on Patriot to develop the MultiBeam Technology suitable for production, address new opportunities for the technology as well as supply additional multifrequency feeds to add to the existing installations.

The CSIRO multibeam technology, which has been deployed in several international locations, provides the ability to access a large number of satellites using a single reflector and relocatable feed horns installed along the focal plane.

The system can support up to 19 Ku-, C- or X-band feeds over a 40-degree field of view along the geostationary arc. The technology provides both receive and transmit capability and reduces the overall land footprint.

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