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Panasonic and TVU Introduce Integrated Video Solutions

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF.—Panasonic and TVU Networks have put their heads together and come up with a pair of new video solutions that integrate Panasonic cameras with TVU technology. With these integrations, Panasonic is now part of the TVU ecosystem and TVU Grid, featuring IP video switching, routing and distribution.

The Panasonic AJ-PX270 P2 handheld HD camcorder is the model that has been integrated with TVU transceivers, enabling streaming from a P2 camera directly to a TVU transceiver via cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. The camera provides an IP video stream, thumbnail and status to TVU’s Transceiver or Command Center. In addition, a live stream from the P2 camera can be triggered, monitored and managed on the Transceiver or Command Center interface. P2 streams can then be distributed to other locations via TVU Grid.

P2 camera sources can also be utilized with a suite of functions available on the TVU Transceiver or the TVU Cloud service, including IP streaming output, TVU Producer Pro and TVU Booking Service.

The second integration between Panasonic and TVU is between Panasonic’s PTZ cameras and the TVU Vista. With Vista, a Panasonic PTZ camera can stream directly from the field back to the studio for decoding and processing using a TVU transceiver. Once received, the PTZ camera stream can be distributed via TVU Grid to other locations or streamed to the web using the camera’s IP streaming output or used as a source for Cloud production or social media using TVU Producer Pro.

Both companies will be highlighting these new integrations at their respective booths during the 2018 NAB Show—C3607 for Panasonic, C1707 for TVU.