PAG V-Mount Power Plate extends uninterrupted time in field

The PAG V-Mount Power Plate allows field crews to run most camera and lighting setups for an entire day.

With the V-Mount, two PAG L95 V-Mount batteries can be used in parallel. Together the batteries can provide 190 watt-hours and a higher current-draw capability.

Using two 95 watt-hour Li-Ion batteries is preferable to relying on one higher capacity battery because it protects against discharge of a single battery at an excessive rate. Additionally, aviation regulations prohibit more than two batteries with capacities greater than 95 watt-hours from being taken onto a plane.

The AG V-Mount Power Plate is available in models supporting the PAGlok connector, the Anton-Bauer Snap-on mount or the Sony V-Mount. The mount comes with the PAG Power Circle, a built-in charge-status indicator for the combined power of both batteries.

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