No Shortage of News from Hamlet at IBC

Test and measuring equipment supplier Hamlet proved to be a company hard at work, unveiling new products, product updates and the latest on some work in progress, all at this year’s IBC Show.

VidScope-BX is a software suite designed for operation on Blackmagic video cards or similar equipment running on a Windows PC. Users run real-time tests in SD, HD or 3Gbps in signal formats including analog, SDI, dual-link SDI, HDMI and Firewire.

Hamlet’s test signal generator Flexiscope now has the added module option of fiber optic connectivity, it was announced. Fiber circuits can be checked end to end with one device and the module can be equipped to any Hamlet digital platform.

In line with the stereoscopic 3D excitement all over IBC, Hamlet unveiled their new project, Vidscope-3D. The next member of the Vidscope suite compares two cameras and their channels for quality; available tests include photo-sensitive epilepsy.

Additional works-in-progress included Reel-Check automated content aggregation quality control.