Nexidia develops automated audio predistribution processing

Nexidia, a provider of audio analysis and dialogue search products, has developed two new solutions that will automate and streamline the time-consuming tasks of audio conform and dialogue timing.

The audio conform technology accurately identifies poor quality issues such as missing, misplaced or incorrect audio, as well as timing issues such as drift and gaps, within audio tracks. Nexidia has also created transcript-synchronization tools, which automatically align audio to a script, to accelerate the generation of a master timing report.

The audio conform technology enables editors to quickly and easily align dozens of program versions and languages with greater speed and quality in preparation for worldwide distribution. The solution accurately identifies where elements such as music, dialogue and effects do not conform to the master audio and ensures that all audio tracks are analyzed to identify the problem.

Nexidia’s transcript synchronization improves the speed and accuracy of a number of post-production tasks. By locating the dialogue spoken in scripted or transcribed footage, the solution generates a master timing report, which can be used for tasks such as subtitling, translations and dubbing. It also accelerates the captioning process by automatically inserting time codes for captions as they are created. For licensed or repurposed content, captions can be retimed to match edits and analyzed for quality.