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News 8 transitions to HD with new UTAH-400 router at the core

News 8, the 24-hour cable news station in Austin, TX, has installed a 144-frame UTAH-400 routing switcher and SC-4 control from Utah Scientific for a phased-in HD upgrade.

News 8 also implemented the company's MX-Lator control translation unit, which lets the station keep using a legacy analog audio router until it transitions to fully embedded audio.

News 8 began planning its transition to HD two years ago and is making its purchases from the inside-out, beginning with the router at the heart of the system. Because it can handle multiple signal types, the UTAH-400 (loaded 112 x 72 3G HD/SD) fits into News 8's operation, which combines legacy and new equipment.

With a new production switcher in place, the cable broadcaster is now looking to add cameras and an HD multiviewer. The Utah SC-4 control system enables News 8 operators to control and monitor routers, master control and multiviewers regardless of signal format.