High-definition studio lens optical system maintains size and weight commensurate to that of other portable production cameras, weighing one-third of a typical HD box lens; features 105mm input optical port that produces a high sensitivity, high contrast, optimized uniformity of brightness across the image plane.
+31 020 5458905

.75X Wide Converter

Lens accessory for the Panasonic HVX200 camera employs four glass elements to reduce geometric distortion and improve off-axis performance; includes 82mm screw-in rear threads for easy attachment to the HVX200, which when combined with the accessory, shifts the 4.2mm to 55mm focal length to 3.15mm to 41.25mm; interfaces with Alfred Chrosziel HDV mattebox systems for professional shading and filtering; features optional 82mm to 72mm step-down ring, allowing compatibility with the Sony HVR-Z1U and Canon XL-H1, XH-G1 and XH-A1 camcorders.
+1 661 295 3313

Opus 900

Wireless system offers a wide variety of transmitters, including the DM 960 S, DM 960 B and the DM 969 S dynamic transmitters, the EM 981 S and the CM 930 B condenser transmitters, and the TS 900 M and TS 900 C pocket transmitters with rechargeable contacts — which are also outfitted with ACT infrared interface for frequency setting; offers three receivers, with 99 preprogrammed frequencies, including the NE 900 S single channel, NE 900 D dual channel and the NE 900 Q quad channel.
+49 7131 6170

Y-Split OpticalCon

OpticalCon system expansion offers an assembled Y-split cable comprised of four multimode fibers within two OpticalCon connectors on each end; accommodates a standard optical LC-Duplex connector in an all-metal housing; can be used with an LC Connector in permanent connections or with an OpticalCon cable connector for mobile applications; features superior cable retention and a push-pull locking mechanism; protects against dirt and dust via an automatically operated sealing cover.
+423 237 2424

BESM Fujinon

HD telephoto lens features 88X magnification and focal length of 8.8mm to 777mm telephoto; uses the company's Precision Focus Assist and GO-Technology for improved image resolution and chromatic aberrations at all focal lengths; incorporates multiple aspherical lenses with three zoom groups; tightly sealed, dust-proof housing offers a built-in moisture protection system.
+49 2154 924 0

Professional Mobile Recorders

1-bit professional mobile recorders support multiple recording formats, including DSDIFF, DSF and WSD 1-bit formats, as well as multibit PCM format (BWF) with resolutions up to 24b/192kHz; include AudioGate software that converts 1-bit recordings into WAV and AIFF formats at various bit rates (and vice versa); offer real-time conversion/playback of 1-bit files; perform essential functions such as removing DC offset, gain control and fade in/out; hand-held MR-1 enables high-quality 1-bit/2.8MHz recording and playback, and offers dual mini balanced inputs; tabletop MR-1000 delivers up to 1b/5.6MHz recording and playback, and features ultra low-impedance mic preamps with balanced XLR/1/4in inputs with phantom power and built-in limiting, plus XLR and RCA outputs.
+44 01908 857100

Focus Enhancements

Portable Direct-to-Edit (DTE) recorders feature higher capacities, with 60GB, 80GB and 100GB available for Pro HD version and 40GB available for HD version; both versions record in eight DV25 DTE file formats, including AVI Type 2, QuickTime, Matrox AVI and Canopus AVI, and HDV M2T; Pro HD version also records in M2T, QuickTime HDV, Avid OMF, MXF and Pinnacle AVI file formats; feature backlit display, hard drive and removable, rechargeable battery.
+1 408 866 8300;


Video processor's expansion offers wide-screen signaling and video programming system; enables TV sets of various sizes to receive and display signals; offers functions such as DVR/VCR control and multilanguage switching; encodes up to 32 distinct mono audio programs within a 1RU encoder; features increased GUI security, enhanced IPTV robustness and remote access for distributed closed-loop architecture.
+1 404 591 4800;

Studio Network Solutions

Search and management software for post-production workgroups quickly locates folders and files stored locally, remotely, offline or online; allows users to create and attach enhanced metadata to describe and classify specific files and folders to reduce search times, share production notes and organize customized files; allows backend components to be installed on a single computer or distributed across multiple computers on any Ethernet network; is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.
+1 314 733 0551

Media Numerics

Real-time, low-latency audio/data distribution-contribution network designed for a range of live broadcast events performs like a traditional analog active split system; features an intuitive configuration by front-panel push buttons to link up to 99 devices into a single network of 160 audio channels, which can be dropped to a maximum of 768 outputs in the bidirectional network without limitation; provides pure audio transport and a 10/100BT interface at each device; supports standard Cat 5 infrastructures and requires no third-party products, breakout panels, special cables or connectors; features dual-power supplies and lockable IEC connectors, as well as a plug-in interface to the Yamaha M7CL, offering single cable connectivity covering all channels.
+49 0 7000 7625638

1080p HD Plasma Displays

Displays produce entire color range specified in the HDTV standard (ITU-R, BT709) with 1920 × 1080 pixel resolution; feature contrast ratio of 5000:1 and 16-bit processing with 4096 steps of gradation; provide three interchangeable, multifunction slots to accomodate a wide range of terminal boards for various applications; available in 50in TH-50PF9UK, 65in TH-65PF9UK and 103in TH-103PF9UK models.
+49 611 2350;

TR-1, TR-1A, TR-2A and TR-3
Kramer Electronics

Isolation transformers eliminate noise in video and audio signals caused by ground loop problems; the TR-1 (for composite video signals), TR-1A, (for balanced mono audio signals), TR-2A (for balanced stereo audio signals) and TR-3 (for composite video and balanced stereo audio signals) break the ground connections in video and audio transmission lines to eliminate any hum caused by ground loops and remove both DC potentials and common mode noise that could be the result of long cable runs; offer various grounding options.
+44 1296 330011;


External hard drive features a quad interface including two FireWire 800 ports, one FireWire 400 port, one USB 2.0 port and one eSATA port; features an internal power supply, an ultra-quiet fan, a full complement of interface cables and a carrying case; includes Oxford Semiconductor 924 chipset; is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux workstations.
+44 118 975 8688;

MC Media Application Controller v1.1.3

Includes enhancements to the way the MC controls ProTools and several new features for improving control of all applications; features a new ProTools application set with multiple banks of SmartSwitch keyboard shortcuts to make it simpler and faster to access ProTools commands; can handle 5.1 surround monitoring and two additional alternate speaker sets, plus two stereo SLS/headphone outputs; can be upgraded to Studio Monitor Pro with up to 7.1 monitoring, 48 inputs/outputs, recording feeds and four separate talkback feeds.
+44 020 8561 2566;

Brilliance Banana Peel Precision Video Snake Cables

Brilliance 1855A is the SDI/HDTV standard for Mini RG-59/U type cable; 1505A is the SDI/HDTV standard for RG-59/U-type cable; Precision Video coaxial cables feature the company's Banana Peel construction and provide optimum signal transmission performance over longer runs, while enabling faster and easier installation of multiple coaxes in a single, easy-to-pull bundle; Banana Peel construction eliminates overall jacket, reducing labor costs and improving the bend radius — which enables the use of a smaller size conduit.
+31 773 878 555;

C2-2000 Series
TV One

Consists of 10 units, including four downconverters, four video switcher/scalers and two universal switcher/scalers; featured DVI and analog inputs and outputs; five are equipped with SDI; all units have an LCD on the front for setup; offers automatic incoming resolution detection and support of multiple TV standards; can handle a maximum input PC resolution of 2048 × 2048 and all HDTV resolutions up to 1080p.
+1 859 282 7303;

Powerware BladeUPS

Power system expands power protection from 12kW to 60kW in a single 19in rack; can be deployed in several configurations, from a distributed architecture (one in every rack) to end of row (up to six units in a rack) to a central system (not on the IT floor but in the electrical closet); grows with expanding IT applications using scalable architecture.
+44 1753 608 700


A headset interface for use with the DX series wireless intercom systems; allows users to connect a standard 2.5mm cordless or cell phone headset to an HME BP200 beltpac; this adapter makes it more cost-effective for users of the HME DX series systems to replace headsets or add new users.
+1 858 535 6060;

Harris Inscriber

Allows users to create, manage and deliver 24-hour automated information channels; combines high-quality graphics, animations, audio, video and real-time external data feeds with easy drag and drop functionality; is SD/HD switchable.
+44 1344 446000

Digital Compact Mixer

Digital mixing console with compact size; features a modular design, offering eight to 24 faders; presents a fixed layout comprising 32 input channels, eight groups, eight sums, eight aux paths and eight mix-minus sums; can immediately be deployed without the need for setting up a configuration; can easily route to the mix-minus buses directly from the channel strip.
+49 9545 440 0;


A desktop RAID controller featuring a FireWire workstation connection and SATA external drive connections; allows seamless connection of any two SATA external drives in a RAID 1 (mirrored) configuration; offers instant data and drive redundancy, providing an instant safety copy; can also perform disk-to-disk copies with no computer; features a small footprint and simple cable connections, an easy-to-use front panel LCD readout and push-button controls.
+44 118 975 8688

Advent Communications

Digital video exciter offers MPEG-2 4:2:2 encoding for SD, HD; unit is DSNG2 ready and upgradable to MPEG-4; includes an L-band modulator and an HPA controller; supports either four or eight analog or embedded SDI audio channels; features options for both DVB-S2 and DVB-T.
+44 20 8440 7372

Solid State Logic

An analog mix bus system; now includes two new modules: the Four Channel Input, a four mono line input module, and the Master Bus, a summing, metering and control room module; the new modules allow users to build a multi-input, dual stereo bus mini SSL with Total Recall.
+44 1865 842300

Fujitsu Components America

A Cat 5, multiuser KVM switch; part of the company's SERVIS system product line; reduces equipment costs and provides space-efficient, centralized server management by allowing multiple users independent or simultaneous shared access to any attached computer's keyboard, video and mouse, regardless of platform; consists of a KVM Main Unit, a User Console Unit and a Server Unit.
+31 23 556 0910;

H4 SuperMINI

Camera-mountable 5.1-channel surround microphone features an integrated multichannel preamplifier, monitor and encoder; offers six microphone elements with a bandwidth of 20Hz to 20KHz, a matrix-encoded stereo analog output and six line-level analog outputs; includes an audio zoom button, virtual surround headphone output with gain control, auxiliary center channel microphone input and LED monitor.
+1 416 362 7790

Carbon Coder v2.0

Enhanced transcoding solution provides accelerated transcoding and support for additional video formats, including H.264, MXF OPAtom, JPEG2000, DPX and AAC; includes Carbon Drop, which streams data from Carbon Coder to Carbon Server for farm encoding, poster frame extraction at markers or time increments, YUV file import and export, improved VOB subtitling and chapter point handling, improved Line 21 and VBI handling, increased audio channel mapping flexibility, and improved watch folder management.
+1 408 432 3333;

VCC-8000 Series

The multiviewer is a multiformat data module for mission-critical video applications; features an integrated on-screen display with Asian character support, tally functionality, alarm reporting and a variety of text label options; offers image processing and tools for flexible monitoring environments, including in TV and production studios as well as OB van applications; can be integrated with major providers of tally management systems, production switchers and routing switchers.
+81 3 5473 7525

Analog Way

Controller for multiroom, large-screen events controls up to six single or multiple screen configurations with soft edge blending; includes 7in TFT color touch-panel screen; features USB connection, customizable and user configurable presets and joystick with direct effects access.
+33 1 64 14 16 03

Buddy Dolly

Basic dolly displays the base of the EvoPlus — can crab and steer, but does not come with the electromechanical, computerized column; adapts to be used with the turnstile attachment or any riser or outrigger via the Euro adapter; has a payload of 250kg.
+49 89 613 900 33;

RF Central

High-definition camera mount transmitter offers low delay and extremely low power consumption in a lightweight unit; features NEL encoder and high-quality linear RF amplification technologies; accommodates various frequency bands, including 2GHZ.
+1 717 249 4900 ext 288

NTT Electronics

The all-in-one HDTV encoder/decoder comes equipped with built-in audio processing functionality, including up to 16 PCM channels of audio input and Dolby E or Dolby Digital processing; a BISS-1/E scrambling function protects data on satellite links from unauthorized viewing; adopts HTTP menus for browser-based operations; SNMP functions are designed to make the unit easy to maintain.
+81 45 453 3685;


Video card for uncompressed post-production workflow; is designed to allow video professionals to migrate from low-cost consumer analog equipment to professional SDI and digital audio devices by changing the connections on the video card; offers an internal keyer for logo insertion, embedded audio and six channels of AES/EBU XLR digital audio I/O connections with built-in sample rate converters for 5.1 surround sound monitoring.
+44 20 8429 8345;

Sierra Video Systems

Ultra-wideband video routing switcher features 500MHz bandwidth and hot-swappable video boards, control processors and power supply; offers configurations up to 64 x 64 in eight input and/or output increments, housed in a 4RU frame per video channel; includes a passive back plane with no external components.
+44 1296 330011;

Auralex Acoustics

Room treatment system dampens first reflections and low frequency anomalies; Pro system features four 16in by 48in by 2in thick back-beveled panels for corner trapping and eight 16in × 48in × 1in rectangular back-beveled panels, totaling 64sq ft; HT system features four 16in × 48in × 2in thick back-beveled panels and eight 16in × 48in × 1in trapezoidal square-edge panels, totaling 54sq ft.
+1 317 578 3348


Station automation and video server controller allows users to manage up to 16 channels of digital video playback; interfaces with the LEIGHTRONIX TCD/NX, as well as third-party servers; controls a wide variety of resources, including DVD players, recorders and VCRs; includes WinLGX network management software for scheduling, immediate system control, user account management, system configuration and site management.
+1 517 694 8000;

globalSAN X-4
Studio Network Solutions

Created for multi-room audio production studios that use Digidesign's ProTools digital audio workstations; includes 2TB of SATA storage in 1RU; contains a single RAID controller and two client licenses of SAN software; is based on the iSCSI protocol.
+1 877 537 2094;