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New Products

Ikegami GFCAM HDS-V10 Flash-RAM

Advanced 3-CCD ENG camera features 1080i or 720p HDTV format support, 480i SD support, Avid NLE compatibility and advanced features such as Bluetooth for instant export of thumbnail clips directly to laptops; records to GFPAK removable cartridge that provides a capacity of up to 128GB and includes a USB port; employs MPEG-2 compression and MXF file format for an open-codec HD/SD recording architecture.
+44 1932 769700;

ProXchange 1.6

Grid-based transcode application adds support for the Apple ProRes 422 media format; can perform faster-than-real-time content transcoding between ProRes and mezzanine production formats such as DNxHD; converts media in the ProRes format to broadcast transmission formats such as MPEG-2, as well as low-bit-rate distribution formats such as Flash, WM9 and H.264.
+44 1256 347400;

Eclipse v5.2

Digital matrix intercom system features enhanced Eclipse Configuration Software with a simplified GUI that facilitates ease of configuration and management as well as a faster and more efficient communications workflow; includes auto-detection of matrices and networks, load or change pre-established configurations, auto-default to a factory configuration, and on-screen assistance.
+44 1223 815000

NTP Technology
625 MADI Router

Crosspoint router comes with a dual controller and dual power supply unit; can accommodate up to 18 MADI cards with four MADI input and output interfaces; each frame has a TDM bus capacity of 2048 channels at 48kHz sampling rate; two frames can be interconnected using the NTP XBus connection for a total of 3072 channels; provides a fully nonblocking router switcher solution; can be controlled and supervised via TCP/IP and UDP using the NTP Router Control System.
+45 4596 8880;

Linear Acoustic

Reference upmixer produces stable 5.1-channel version of two-channel inputs; audio elements are extracted using frequency domain filtering and time domain amplitude techniques; bass enhancement signal for LFE channel is derived from the left, center and right channels for quick creation of subwoofer channel elements without compromising full-range consumer playback systems; surround field can be infinitely adjusted via the center channel width control and surround channel depth controls; features a full-color OLED display, rotary encoder, four control keys, auto-ranging power supply with an option for a second redundant power supply and bypass relays; accepts three AES pairs of audio; optional HD/SD-SDI I/O is available for access to all 16 embedded audio channels.
+44 20 31706155

Axon Digital

Monitoring and control software provides comprehensive tools to configure, monitor and maintain Synapse products as well as other devices; delivers the common control and monitoring interface using SNMP; allows users to remotely configure a complex workflow in a short amount of time, manage and report events using hierarchical system status, control devices using an intuitive and user-friendly GUI, and maintain a workflow over its lifetime; employs Ethernet communication to each device in the chosen workflow; uses an SQL database to record, view and archive historical workflow events as well as store the user-definable aspects of each device's configuration; available free to existing customers.
+44 118 974 0480;


Smart phone streaming application is available on iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 3GS phones that have been upgraded to the iOS 4 operating system; enables iPhone users to stream high-quality video via the Streambox Live broadband video contribution service; based on the ACT-L3 codec, which offers low latency, high video quality and reliable transport at any data rate; features a many-to-many video rights management system, video geotagging and text-based IFB talkback; available for free download from the iTunes App Store.
+1 206 956 0544;

Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems
M7CL v3.5

Latest firmware release contains numerous new functions to further enhance operation and efficiency of the M7CL console; features new alternate functions for the selected channel that can be assigned to user-defined keys for greater efficiency; when using HA remote signal output from Slot 1 on an M7CL-48ES, up to three additional SB168-ES stage box units can be connected via MY16-ES64 and MY16-EX cards installed in the expansion slots, allowing for six stage box unit connectivity.
+44 1908 366700;


Three-chip DLP, 8000-lumen projector supports WUXGA (1920 × 1200) resolution; offers low power consumption and decreased noise levels; features geometry correction and edge-blending capabilities, picture in picture, P7 color processing, horizontal and vertical keystone correction, a Web browser and inputs for HDMI, 3G/HD-SDI/SDI, YUV1, composite video, S-video and RGBHV/YUV2.
+44 1344 206600;

RF Central microLite HD

Compact, mountable COFDM SD/HD digital transmitter designed for the next generation of professional lightweight cameras featuring full HD-SDI capabilities; occupies less than 6in3; features MPEG-4 encoding/decoding in HD/SD; can be operated in 20mW or 100mW output power modes.
+1 908 852 3700;


Shoulder-mount professional camcorder is equipped with three 2/3in Power HAD FX CCD image sensors and can record both 1080 and 720 HD pictures at 50Mb/s; comes with two slots for recording onto SxS memory cards; features the XDCAM HD422 codec, toggle between MXF and MP4, option to record MPEG IMX and DVCAM material, interoperability with major NLE systems, lower power consumption and four channels of uncompressed 48kHz digital audio.
+44 1932 816000;

Wohler Technologies

Three new subtitling cards allow users to handle transmission and monitoring of WST- and OP47-based subtitles; XCODE is a dual-channel WST/OP-47 subtitle inserter that encodes subtitle streams onto two separate SD/HD-SDI video signals, can bridge subtitles from one channel to the other, transcoding the subtitle data from WST (SD) to OP-47 (HD) or vice versa as required, and supports encoding and decoding for as many as four GPI inputs; DUALMON card provides dual-channel WST and OP-47 subtitle monitoring and generates burned-in subtitle display on two dedicated SDI outputs; LOGGER is a dual-channel data extractor that outputs full WST/OP-47 subtitle data from SD/HD-SDI video signals to serial and/or Ethernet ports for logging, external monitoring and regeneration of subtitle files; FULL HDCC200A card incorporates combined functionality of all three cards.
+33 970 440 253;

Telecast Fiber Systems
CopperHead 3400

Fiber-optic video transceiver mounts directly onto a dual-camera 3-D rig; transports all of the signals to and from two HD cameras, as well as the 3-D rig's control system, to the control room or truck and carries a return 3-D HD-SDI signal back to the camera operator; enables full control of both cameras from the base station as well as control of the 3-D rig's interocular convergence; works with any rig using virtually any HD-SDI camera system; transports two uncompressed 1.5Gb/s HD-SDI streams and uncompressed 3Gb/s signals from 3-D or high-speed HD-SDI cameras.
+1 508 754 4858;

CMA 1820

Compressed media analyzer supports in-depth analysis of video encoding in almost any format, including H.264, MPEG-2 and VC-1, in container files such as Transport Stream, 3GP, ASF, Flash, MP4, Smooth Streaming and QuickTime; decodes pictures from video elementary streams and displays the information using picture overlays and data boxes, giving key information on coding parameters — including slice and macroblock-level data; syntax view provides values and descriptions of all syntax elements down to the header level; analyzer includes dynamic buffer analysis for H.264 that tests the compliance of the bit stream.
+1 605 978 4600

Front Porch Digital

Cloud-based service for automated frame-based metadata creation and integrated online video publishing; enables users to delve deep into their content using facial recognition, scene detection, speech recognition, natural language processing, ad-break detection and closed-captioning time alignment; manages the distribution of this content to a wide variety of destinations, devices and partners.
+33 4 50 88 37 70;