New products

Digital Rapids
Stream 3.4

Upgraded software features enhancements for encoding and decoding JPEG 2000-formatted files, including support in the YUV color space and decoding of JPEG 2000 sources with separated luminance and chrominance; enhances MPEG-2 and H.264 encoding quality, performance and technical configurability; handles irregularities or disruptions in incoming digital or analog source signals, and an incoming SDI signal can be switched between HD and SD sources without interrupting in-progress encoding and streaming; provides the ability to insert frame packing arrangement SEI messages during H.264 encoding for frame-compatible stereoscopic 3-D applications; available in two versions: Stream LE and advanced Stream FE with expanded workflow automation, integration capabilities and format support.
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Linear Acoustic

Ingest loudness manager brings multipass scaling, loudness range control and UPMAX-II upmixing and downmixing to file-based workflows with the need for external hardware devices; uses RadiantGrid transwrapping functionality to pass through video streams of any type while separately performing audio functions via AERO.qc software to guarantee that the loudness target can be met independent of other processing choices and preserve the quality of the original content; options include Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Dolby E decoding and encoding, as well as a number of codecs for other audio formats.
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Upgraded digital matrix intercom system includes enhanced Eclipse Configuration Software with new features that automate the setup of intercom communications and allow the system to auto-detect matrices and networks, load or change pre-established configurations, and auto-default to a factory setting; software includes assisted on-screen help that provides troubleshooting; features an LMC-64 audio monitoring card that enables Clear-Vu on Production Maestro Pro, an add-on module for Eclipse, to display visual levels onscreen by using up to 64 real-time graphical meters.
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Triveni Digital
StreamScope MT-40 4.6

Audio monitoring software allows users to monitor audio loudness according to ITU-R recommendation BS.1770 and meets the requirements of the CALM Act; measures individual audio channel loudness, provides dialnorm loudness monitoring and error reporting, and plots short- and long-term loudness values on a single screen; enhancements include analysis as per the DVB-C and DVB-T standards, MDI analysis on a generic GigE input, improved support for ISDB streams, and a slider for control over the size of video thumbnails.
+1 609 716 3500

Atlona Technologies

High-quality HDMI 1.3 audio de-embedder offers 2 × 1 HDMI switching for applications requiring easy access to multiple HDMI sources, as well as high-bit-rate HDMI 1.3 data that can scale down the color depth; features high-quality 7.1-channel analog audio outputs and stereo S/PDIF in both Toslink and RCA connectors, as well as embedded 3-D support capabilities.
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Flux v2.5

End-to-end interactive TV solution for DTV operators is a modular suite of interactive services including electronic program guides, VOD and PVR applications that offers full customization and compatibility; features a new design for ZapBanner, an on-screen visual feedback device that provides information about the currently displayed program or media item, which adds convenience by providing a shorter click-path to additional program information; includes a new option menu that provides more direct navigation routes to specific functions based on context and a new media player function that enables viewers to watch content stored on USB flash drives and/or home media servers.
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Dalet Brio

IT-based input and output video platform records media in a range of formats and resolutions, performs necessary conversions, stores it either locally or on a central SAN and then plays it out in a range of formats and resolutions; flexible software codecs allow a transparent mix of HD and SD video in multiple formats, with built-in processes for up/downconversion; local and centralized storage can be configured to suite a range of requirements, and built-in channel branding and graphic tools are also included; scales up to manage many simultaneous feeds and playout channels.
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Camera Corps
Multi Camera Keypad Control Unit

Control unit increases from five to 96 the number of remote camera heads that can be operated via the company's joystick control or CCU panel; provides an output to drive many different types of video routers to enable the picture monitor to follow camera selection at any of the eight operator positions; up to 255 channel numbers and routing matrix assignments can be selected via the keypad for easy integration of the 96 camera sources with existing camera channel configurations on video matrices with up to 256 inputs; uses a basic three-digit entry system; four mix buttons on the keypad can be preset to any four channel numbers as a means of quickly displaying up to four stream or mixer outputs; up to eight channel numbers (any of the 255 available) can be preassigned to the joystick panel's own selector buttons.
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Wohler Technologies

Multiview source selector makes 16 A/V channels readily available for monitoring and straightforward switching via integrated OLED push buttons; features 16 OLED screens, each of which serves as a switching button that displays an SDI stream from any source; users can press the button displaying the appropriate stream to switch channels to an output for routing or monitoring on a larger device; supports universal inputs, including all SDI formats.
+33 970 440 253;


Multirate HD-SDI fiber-optic transport links offer 1.5Gb/s or 3Gb/s fiber-optic transport over a single-mode fiber, with multirate HD transport up to 1080p HD-SDI; provide active HD loop-through, equalized inputs and reclocked dual outputs; HD-1520 offers 1.5Gb/s HD video (720p and 1080i) and two-channel, two-way data (RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485); HD-1540 has 1.5Gb/s HD video (720p and 1080i) and four-channel, line-level audio; HD-3200 provides 3Gb/s HD video (720p, 1080i and 1080p) and two-channel, two-way data (RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485); HD-3400 offers 3Gb/s HD video (720p, 1080i and 1080p) and four-channel, line-level audio.
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Battery solution features a 120W/h capacity, built-in motion-detection sensor and a deep sleep capability, which increases battery life by mitigating Li-Ion battery self-discharge when the battery is not in use; can withstand high instantaneous current draws and weighs 2.4lbs; offers an enhanced LCD RealTime fuel gauge that shows up to nine hours of run time when used under low-power load conditions.
+31 45 5639220

DELTA-dvi-e 10

Single-channel DVI OEM card can ingest a dual-link DVI, DVI-A, DVI-D, HDMI or analog component video source to a PC or server through one four-lane PCIe slot; supplied with VideoMasterHD OEM software SDK and integration support; enhanced with E-EDID handling, automatic input format detection, 256MB onboard frame store memory and one-half size PCIe card form factor.
+32 439 78 81;

AirSpeed Multi Stream 1.6

Ingest and playout server allows broadcasters to record feeds, store files temporarily, and play back news and other content to air; enables a fast, lower-cost, end-to-end SD/HD production workflow for users who do not have Interplay Production by enabling file transfer directly to Avid editing systems connected to an ISIS shared-storage or local storage system; editor can pull files from the server and store them in a project or bin in the storage device; features up/down/crossconversion, back-to-back SD or HD playout, and remote console access control.
+44 175 365 5999;

Micro-Video Patchbay

Patching product supports 3Gb/s and 3-D productions, SD/HD-SDI, AES and high-resolution computer graphics; features a rear lacing bar and industry-standard DIN 1.0/2,3 rear terminators; jacks conform to SMPTE 292M/424 standards and are isolated from the front panel with a captive front-mounting screw for easy maintenance; available with a 2 × 48 format in either a 1RU or 1.5RU size and in four configurations: dual self-normalizing terminated jacks (2MVTHD), dual self-normalizing nonterminated jacks (2MVNHD), dual non-normalizing terminated jacks (1MVTHD) or dual non-normalizing nonterminated jacks (1MVNHD).
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Noise Industries
FxFactory Pro 2.5

Visual effects platform features new filter and transition plug-ins including local contrast, vibrance, genie filter, accordion, origami, genie transition and page turn; new user interface in slideshow generator gives users increased flexibility in selecting and reordering image files and control to produce slideshows in Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Affects, as well as includes four new transition effects applied automatically between slides; available free to current FxFactory Pro 2 users.
+44 1264 326312

Singular Software

Stand-alone application for dual-system audio automatically syncs video clips to an audio recording; enables users to record audio on a separate recorder while recording video, and DualEyes syncs and cuts up the audio to automatically match each video clip in both start time and duration; keeps all original media files intact while creating new media files.


Automatic loudness hardware solution allows real-time, unattended adaptive loudness and true-peak correction; based on a geNETics processor and integrates with full range of geNETics products; continually monitors the amplitude of incoming audio and makes gradual adjustments to ensure that the overall content complies with a predefined target loudness; adjustments occur uniformly across all channels to ensure that relative image positions are unaffected; performs true-peak estimation and correction at eight times real-time oversampling frequency.
+44 208 255 2015

NewsScroll 4.0

Software allows users to add multiple crawls, logos and more with a single channel; enables simultaneous display of two independent crawls, which can be updated manually or automatically from RSS feeds; supports two static or animated logos, a real-time, customizable clock, a data box that can be updated through text, Web and XML files, an interchangeable ratings logo and an instant text-update field for last-minute additions; includes a cut mode that enables users to insert full- or partial-screen graphics behind other crawls, logos and text elements; includes new GPI and auto-start functions.
+1 949 585 0055;


Solution designed to manage the configuration and monitoring of an entire subtitle transcoding and transmission operation; provides a central, unifying point from which to administer multichannel, multilanguage subtitling and captioning; allows operators to administer multiple Swift TX units and configure subtitle processors, monitor subtitle streams and oversee a subtitle archive system that allows broadcasters to manage their subtitle assets throughout their lifecycle; aggregates subtitle monitoring information from across the broadcast infrastructure and presents it clearly, diagnosing and highlighting any issues within the chain.
+44 118 984 2151


Automated robotic PTZ camera controller with HD, RGBHV and SD video switching, video transitions and camera preset trigger functionality; can control up to six PTZ cameras (or other video sources) and assign up to 72 total preset positions; 6 × 1 switcher accepts analog, SD, HD and RGBHV on all inputs and up/downscales these signals to dual program outputs at an SD, HD or RGBHV resolution.
+1 763 971 4400;

Computer CINEMA 4D Release 12

Updated professional 3-D software application features a comprehensive, easy-to-use rigid body dynamics system based on the Bullet engine, enhanced rendering features (linear workflows and color profiles, IES lights, true units of measurement, render queue and picture viewer), new character tools, new deformers and support for the Python language to create scripts, expressions and plug-ins.
+44 1525 406799;

C100 HDS V3

Upgraded broadcast console introduces support for new low-cost I/O and expanded remote GPIO options; extends remote-control capability with Pro-Bel protocol compatibility and full implementation of Ross OverDrive and Sony ELC production automation systems; brings SSL's Dialog Automix option, which transparently manages the riding of faders in a live, multimicrophone production, eliminates missed upcuts and maintains a smooth, balanced level of background ambience; adds automatic stereo to surround 5.1 upmix option; production tools include program output delay, enhanced snapshot editing, expanded free control assignments, fader to zero decibels and new maintenance tools.
+44 1865 842300


Fluid head for digital cameras features stepless, ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag and sinusoidal counterbalance system that provides accurate balance at any point in the tilt range; equipped with dual scales, one on each side, and four handle rosettes for operation from either side of the head, as well as front or back handle mounting; one-touch platform release lever enables one finger or hand action to undo the safety catch and open the lever.
+44 1284 752121

Universal Electronics

Advanced interface control enables 3-D navigation by incorporating Freespace motion-detection technology by Hillcrest Labs; adds a new dimension to traditional up/down/left/right controls by translating all hand movements into on-screen cursor movements; provides subscribers ability to navigate multiple screens and functions of IP-based applications by manipulating the on-screen cursor with routine hand and wrist movements; includes intelligence that will enable future versions to recognize user patterns for further personalization and interactivity.
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