New Products


Central Data Warehouse

Cross-services data storage and correlation solution offers a 360-degree view of linear, VOD and interactive media consumption across television, mobile and online screens; enables broadband operators to consolidate the collection, storage and correlation of census-level media data; designed with open and standards-based interfaces to support configurable, seamless data exchange with authorized third parties.
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Custom Consoles


Desk accommodates desktop editing and graphics workstations; features 2300mm × 1030mm footprint, including a profiled horizontal work surface with optional dual two-unit desktop pod; 13-unit high equipment bay supports the left half of the desk set forward at a 15-degree angle for easy access; includes space for a tower PC; provides easy equipment access from front or rear; desktop height is 720mm; is curved at each corner; protected by PVC edging.
+44 1525 379 909

Linear Acoustic


Hybrid metadata loudness controller enables variable adjustment between permanent and reversible control of source audio loudness and dynamic range; works with any audio codec that supports metadata; maximizes the effectiveness of metadata within the Dolby Digital AC-3 system; accepts encoded or baseband PCM audio via AES or HD/SD-SDI connections; optionally supports audio processing at the transport stream level via DVB-ASI connections and MPTS via GigE for cable and satellite applications.
+1 717 735 3611



Multiformat 24in LCD monitor offers 1920 × 1080 native HD resolution, ultrawide color gamut, high contrast of 1000:1, 10-bit, 1 million-color support, precision LED backlight and integrated 3D lookup tables; accepts two HD/SD-SDI inputs, one DVI-I input and one HDMI input, as well as analog composite, component, S-video and RGB inputs with 1:1 pixel-mapping modes for SD and HD inputs; features built-in waveform and vector display, on-screen audio level meters, UMD, VITC/time code display and 608/708 closed-captioning decoding.
+44 1732 864 111

Element Technica

Technica 3D series

Beam splitter and parallel stereographic 3D rig is lighter and less costly than most camera systems; available in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of cameras; require no tools for camera alignment or mounting; alignment adjustments can be made linearly in each of the three axes, in addition to pitch and roll; include built-in, dedicated motors for interocular and convergence control; can convert from parallel to beam splitter and back depending on the application.
+1 323 641 7327;

Riedel Communications

RockNet Firmware 1.40

Firmware upgrade makes possible routing in groups of four channels as well as in single channels and ports, allowing a connection between any given I/O; provides independent gain function and information about the connection state on each module display; phantom power can be controlled directly through the front panel of the RN.301.MI line/mic input module; can be configured through Ethernet as well as USB.
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Fluorescent 4ft lighting fixture provides concentrated, even light coverage for studio cycloramas or fill lighting applications; produces 220W with four 55W biax lamps; uses adjustable-beam technology, which enables the lamps to be adjusted separately within the reflector; allows for easy field adjustments with a free range from 60-degree to 90-degree beam spread; casing made of high-purity aluminum with a 95 percent reflectance finish; provided standard with lamps, power cord and C clamp.
+1 626 579 0943;

Adtec Digital


Dual-channel, HD/SD MPEG-2 broadcast distribution encoder features built-in QAM modulation and RF upconversion, closed-captioning and support for EAS; automatically detects video and audio; encodes, multiplexes and generates PSIP; then modulates and upconverts two channels for distribution via coax.
+1 904 394 0389;

Carl Zeiss

Compact Prime

Line of lenses is available in seven focal lengths between 18mm and 35mm; compatible with all standard digital and analog movie cameras equipped with a PL mount; focusing cable is individually calibrated for each lens; lenses feature standardized color characteristics, antireflective coating and aperture with 14 rounded shutter blades.
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Community TV

Suite of TV and Internet broadcast applications provides high-quality broadcast integration of content submitted by users; makes it possible to cost-effectively develop and maintain dedicated on-air and online TV channels relying on user-submitted content; includes upgrades to improve template management, paging and filtering to support handling of metadata attached to videos; enables content contributors to add Web links and embedded video to the platform's CommunitySite component.
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Tape- and disk-based systems enable users to move backup media to lower-cost storage and create long-term archives; can create safety backups during the editing process; features seamless integration with EditShare shared-storage solutions, simple to use interface, disk-based option for fast nearline storage and retrieval, and tape-based option for backup or long-term archival.
+44 20 7183 2255

Element Labs

Cobra System 2.0

Software platform offers major enhancements to the Cobra 16 LED display and Vizomo video processor; new 8mm mode for Cobra 16 upgrades all Cobra 16 titles to Cobra V8; enables users to map incoming video pixel-for-pixel to twice the horizontal and vertical resolutions of Cobra 16; RasterMAPPER and Vizomo updates allow simplified system setup and centralized control; single or multiple screens can be mapped, addressed, calibrated and operated from one easy-to-use interface.
+44 20 77490611



Interactive ray tracing engine part of a suite of application acceleration engines for software developers; enables software developers to bring new levels of realism to their applications using traditional C programming; uses parallel computing power of Quadro processors; flexibility extends to procedural definitions and hybrid rendering approaches that can be leveraged to ensure accurate rendering results and balanced realism with speed.
+44 118 903 3000;

MAXON Computer

CINEMA 4D Broadcast Edition

Bundle of 3D software includes CINEMA 4D R11.5 core application, updated MoGraph 2 module and Broadcast Extension Kit; MoGraph 2 includes MoDynamics, an optimized physics package; PolyFX, enabling the creation of quick and easy explosion effects; and MoSpline, which facilitates the cloning of existing splines and animating them with forces and effects; Extension Kit contains hundreds of preset objects and scenes with camera lighting setups, royalty-free sound and background clips.
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Pilat Media


Customization platform enables users, system administrators and in-house developers to interact with and customize the IBMS user interface, business logic and workflow capabilities; includes a palette of tools to provide maximum control over customization and workflow management; features a customization designer, diagnostic utilities, a graphical workflow designer and a workflow management console.
+44 20 8782 0700



Intercom interface converts a single channel of standard or TW party-line intercom to four-wire audio while converting call signals to RS-422 data; offers conversion of the signal back to original form; can be used as a high-quality, stand-alone two-to-four wire converter; uses lightweight UTP cables and DC operating current through the party-line connection on pin two of its XLR connector; features call signaling function and amber data LED for status check.
+1 516 671 7278;

Sound Devices


Production mixer contains five high dynamic range, transformer balanced mic inputs with expanded gain and headroom, their own limiters, sweepable high-pass filters, and pre- or post-fade direct output; includes integrated two-track, 24-bit digital audio recorder that writes broadcast WAV or MP3 files to SD and SDHC media; allows for stereo linking of input pairs 1/2 and 3/4, as well as 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 48.048kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz sampling rates; features front-panel control of mic/line inputs and phantom status with LED indication of each input.
+1 608 524 0625

Hiltron Communications


Motorized satellite antenna mount is designed for two-way VSAT communication or receive-only downlink applications; three-axis system provides 180 degrees of azimuth adjustment, 90 degrees of elevation adjustment and fully adjustable polarization; features a flexible support plate for the attachment of reflectors with diameters between 1.2m and 3.4m and a rotating pedestal mount; options include a satellite tracking system, inclined orbit tracking, integration of parabolic reflectors according to customer preference, de-ice systems, and a choice of standard steel mounts or nonpenetrating mounts.
+49 7191 962 660;



Camera pole gives operators more options when working with mini HD cameras; crafted of high-density graphite fiber; features thicker top section for extra support, captive collet locking system and soft-touch rubber sleeve on locking collars; kit includes pole, lightweight swivel adapter and monitor adapter for CCU and mini LCD monitor.
+31 40 848 2534



Filter system enables operators to use high-quality optical filters with compact HD cameras that have no integral filter mount; allows 62mm Tiffen or Cokin filters to be deployed with the 29mm diameter Fujinon TF lens series; includes a Polecam filter holder, five 62mm screw-fitting circular Tiffen filters, a Cokin A121M graduated neutral-gray medium filter and a LensPen lens cleaner.
+44 1234 855 222;

DFT Digital Film Technology


Film guidance and image stabilization option for Spirit 4K/2K/HD DataCine uses optical pin registration; merges the advantages of capstan-driven film transport with pin-registered film transports, resulting in frame-by-frame pin-registered transport with real-time, continuous-motion, touch-free capstan methods; features touch-free handling, which means no mechanical registration pins touch the film.
+49 6150 9770 0;


SurroundMonitor 10600-PLUS

Display system for monitoring digital stereo, multichannel and surround audio signals incorporates an integrated loudness display according to the ITU BS.1771 guideline; includes a full-screen mode for enlarged display showing individual instruments used, as well as detail enhancements within the featured surround-sound analyzer; existing units can be updated free by replacing the built-in EPROM; PLUS option includes power supply and table stand.
+49 221 709130;



HD/SD logo and ticker generator with integral keyer allows animated and static graphics and a line of sideways-scrolling text to be added to any part of a TV image; features compatibility with 1080i/1080p/720p HD or 575i/480i SD environments; includes a dual-channel logo inserter that can be used to impose a background image or strap over live video; integral crosspoint keyer allows sources to be assigned to any of four layers; dynamic text elements can be positioned relative to the strap graphic.
+44 20 82 552 015


Arria II GF FPGA Development Kit

Kit features hardware and software resources for users to rapidly evaluate and adopt Arria II GX devices; provides a complete system of preverified components and supporting hardware reference designs; offers an entire PCIe Gen. 1 end-point design package; Web site resources available include free PCIe training, PCIe, GigE and SDI-based reference designs and a database of more than 20 readily available mezzanine cards; comes with a development board featuring an Arria II GX FPGA with 12 transceivers, a one-year Quartus II license and access to Altera's MegaCore IP library.
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MatteBox 456 Academy

Matte box uses three rotating 5in x 5in filter stages to allow the unrestricted use of Cine and DigiCine lenses from 14mm wide angle and up; filter stages are designed to not rotate each time the respective rear stage is rotated; equipped with a combined connector for 15mm rods and the SunShade function with a 130mm clamp adaptor; aligns with RED accessories.
+49 89 90 10 910;

NTP Technology

Penta 725

Compact, modular audio routing hardware platform features two high-speed, bidirectional links for connection to NTP 625 or Penta 725 systems and an AES3 monitor output for I/O monitoring; router settings can be controlled via TCP IP or front-panel navigation keys.
+45 4453 1188;

Alcorn McBride


HD video player offers up to 40Mb/s maximum playback rate in a compact chassis that contains no moving parts; stores video clips to CompactFlash cards; clips can be transferred via USB or Ethernet and triggered via contact closures, playlists, real-time schedules, RS-232, Ethernet or GPS; supports audio and video standards including MPEG-2/4, H.264, VC-1, WMA, AAC and Dolby; video outputs include component (YPbPr or RGB), composite (SD), HDMI and HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M).
+33 01 60 43 65 95;



Modular hybrid fiber distribution rack features internal cable management design with configurable ports for multiple cable formats, including 9.2mm SMPTE hybrid cable, discrete electrical and fiber cables or HDC3R three-channel hybrid cable; includes an internal fusion splice tray for direct fusion splicing to the fiber in the hybrid connector; delivers the lowest attenuation to maximize the loss headroom of the signal chain; designed for management of larger cables such as 3mm breakout and 900µm tight-buffered fiber; can be spliced with almost any type of fusion splicer; does not require custom jigs or fixtures.
+1 847 795 9555;

Bridge Technologies

VideoBRIDGE v4.2

Introduces new capabilities for fault-tracking, an improved interface and increased integration between microVB systems deployed at subscriber premises and IP-Probe monitoring solutions; offers extended TR 101 290 analysis capability and searchable table decoding of all tables that are transmitted with the signal, including channel names, conditional access and program guide; features increased MPTS thumbnail functionality and VBC server support.
+47 22 38 51 00;



Convergence suite for multiscreen video delivery includes CLEARcut offline and LIVEcut real-time content preparation solutions; ProStream 5000 file-based, universal transcoder that's capable of transcoding up to 16 video assets simultaneously; StreamLiner 3000 video streaming multimedia servers; and MediaPrism Workflow Manager, which automates the flow of assets throughout the content, ingest, transformation and delivery process and can control scheduling, recording and playout for the full suite of MediaPrism software.
+1 408 542 2500



Series of multiviewers auto-detects HD/SD-SDI inputs; offers flexible outputs that are user selectable at resolutions up to 2048 × 1080, including 1080p; each module supports up to 30 presets for straightforward display layout, which can be recalled via GPI, front-panel buttons or ASCII protocol; built-in router provides enhanced access to HD/SD-SDI inputs for multi-image viewing on large displays, as well as rerouting sources to any of the multiviewer outputs; includes 16 channels of embedded audio per input with four channels of discrete analog or digital audio as an option.
+33 6 2483 0742;

Media Distributors

Fusion Drive

Hybrid recorder/asset management system incorporates Constellation VCM asset management and enables automatic content archive; optimized for RED camera workflows; provides secure backup and rapid access to archived video content; includes four 1TB hard drives; enables playout to Blu-ray disc or LTO media; provides for cloning on additional portable hard drives; options include dual quad-core Apple Mac Pro with Final Cut Studio 2 and AJA Kona 3 video capture card; captures all metadata included with video files and maintains linking of project files from online to archive.
+1 877 827 7862



Integrated 3-D Cinema or HD camera and visualization system shoots uncompressed raw 2K or HD footage from two synchronized SI-2K cameras controlled through a single Silicon DVR touch-screen interface; delivers film-like quality that can be instantly edited without proxy conversion or ingest; outputs dual video streams for independent L/R or stereo mixed displays and records directly to a single stereo QuickTime file along with 3-D LUT color and convergence metadata; new features include virtual convergence for live parallax adjustment, a digital slate system with automated scene, shot and take sequencing, project time code conforming and window burn-in, and more display modes.
+44 20 7377 2949;

Quintech Electronics and Communications

QRM 2500

16 × 16 RF matrix router features Q-ROUTE and Q-SENSE technology, which provide internal/external single path redundancy and auto reroute capabilities; operates in frequency range covering both IF and L-band; offers manual and automatic AGC modes with a range of -15dB to 16dB in .5dB steps with optional LNB power and individual port control to support all modulation formats; includes front-panel LED display.
+1 724 349 1412;