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New Products


Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000HD: Combines HD programming, digital video recorder (DVR) and HD on-demand content into one integrated set-top; dual-tuner functionality; control of live TV; instant replay button; reduces churn by providing multiple services for consumers.


Brauner Engineers VMA: Combines the performance of two tube microphones in a single package; choose between the original and a “vintage” sound with the flick of a switch; features unique circuitry and biasing; switching from one position to the other introduces parameter changes, re-biasing the microphone and different sets of components.


Force Model 3762 Digital EXCELLinx: Transports and simultaneously converts SMPTE to ASI formats; multiplexes two channels of digital or analog formats in any combination depending on system requirements; modules are hot-swappable and can be uniquely configured for each user; with the new SMPTE to ASI conversion module, users can multiplex and hand off a converted SMPTE-ASI format, plus an analog broadcast signal with six audio channels or a 270 Mb/s SDI signal or multiple 19.4 Mb/s SMPTE signals; the MSO receive site can monitor transmitter performance through telemetry information provided by a wide range of control options; packaged in a 1RU terminal.


Eyeheight impact channel ident system: Designed for use in 525 and 625-line systems; can capture SDI logo feeds in real-time; up to eight logos can be stored in user memory and selected from the control panel or via GPI-interfaced automation; features x/y positioning and full 10-bit linear keying, enabling logos to be superimposed at any point on the transmitted display; up to six impact modules can be housed in a 1U chassis, giving immediate access to 48 logos; control panel can be directly coupled to the front of the chassis or remoted via up to 100 meters of 110V digital-audio cable.
+44 1923 256 000;


Toshiba IK-TU51: Is a 3-chip, 10-bit digital signal processing camera; offers interchangeable 1/2-inch or 1/3-inch remote heads and standard RGB analog output; features IT Exwave HAD CCD's, which improve camera sensitivity (2 Lux) for detection of faint signals, while also reducing smear; delivers broadcast-level resolution of 800 TVL, plus a high S/N ratio of 64 dB; processing system includes a 6-vector color enhancement circuit; includes electronic shutter speeds up to 1/50,000 of a second; offers versatile white balance, 14-step detail enhancement, freeze frame, auto exposure function, and an RS-232C interface for precise control via a PC.


Orban Opticodec-PC: Features MPEG-4 aacPlus encoding software; software lets streaming providers supply content encoded with the coding technologies aacPlus codec; is available in two versions: LE and PE; encodes a single stream at bit rates between eight and 32 kb/s and can encode multiple simultaneous streams at bit rates from eight to 320 kb/s.


Sony XDCAM: Facilitates the transfer of material at high-speed from the field to the television station for nonlinear editing; a single professional-grade XDCAM disc holds about 90 minutes of 25Mb/s material, 45 minutes shot at 50Mb/s, 55 minutes at 40Mb/s and 75 minutes at 30Mb/s.


Custom Consoles Media Desk and Wave Desk: Media Desk has a 1750-mm width dual-level design with individual height adjustment of the front and rear worksurfaces; is available in MDF with a choice of blue, pale grey and beech wood-grain surface finishes; legs are silver-steel; options include a 13U or 27U equipment bay, chairs and adjustable monitor arms; Wave Desk is available with fixed, single or dual-height adjustable work surfaces; consists of an MD4001-L/R, single MD4002-L/R plus dual MD4003-L/R (L/R indicating left or right hand work surfaces); rear under-shelf storage is fitted as standard on the dual-height-adjustable version; other options include power tower, PC mount and meeting table.
+44 1525 379 909;


Vela Frontline EAS NDU (Network Data Unit): New 2.4-5 software upgrade includes the up-to-date Linux network security patches for open SSH (Secure Shell) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer); EAS administrators can now manage the SSH security keys among networked NDUs from a central location and simultaneously change access codes; log-in to remote NDUs from any computer through a standard Web browser in order to verify any or all tracking information; e-mail, cell phone or paging options are available.


Ross Video switchers: For a limited time, trade-in older analog switchers for up to $10,000 in credit against a new Synergy Series Digital Production Switcher with Squeeze & Tease WARP; program applies to all Ross Video digital switchers and most models of analog switchers in use.


Virtualsetworks, FOR-A's digiWarp EX-II: Download pre-designed virtual sets for FOR-A's digiWarp EX-II virtual set system; view a wide range of pre-designed virtual sets, select a studio, and download the set immediately after making an online purchase; each set allows the user to pan, zoom, and scan across the backgrounds in perfect sync with the tracked camera movements.


Video Design Software DigiSnap: Has built-in SDI/O, active video bypass, and multiple GPIs; can be used upstream or downstream of master control; consists of three major authoring and playback components: DigiAuthor, a Windows-based content creation module that runs on any computer networked to one or more DigiSnap units; DigiPlay, a client software module that can manage and operate the DigiSnap Server; DigiSnap Server, a stand-alone PC server (1RU or 2RU) fitted with a Chyron Digital PC-CODI and an optional audio card running the DigiSnap Server application and DigiPlay management software.


Anchor Audio UHF-6400: Has 64 user-selectable channels; is PLL synthesized and rackmountable; features tone key noise suppression, displays and receiver inputs/outputs; has a digital display for easy reading; output connection included — balanced and unbalanced, aux-level output from a ¼-inch and XLR jack to the sound system, mixer or amplifier aux-level input; features factory-set, squelch control, which allows a maximum operating range while reducing noise.


Evertz 7770CS-HD: Encodes one SMPTE 292M (1.485Gb/s) serial digital video signal with up to four AES channels of embedded or separate audio into one 270Mb/s SDTi (SMPTE 305M) compliant output stream; preserves VANC data in the incoming HD-SDI stream and transports this across the 270Mb/s SDTi interface; automatic detection and support of 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 1080p/29.97sF, 1080p/25sF, 1080p/23.98sF, 1035i/59.94 field rates is provided; occupies two card slots and is housed in either a 1RU frame that holds up to three modules, a 3RU frame that will hold up to seven modules or a stand-alone enclosure that will hold up to one module.


Quantel generationQ and Panasonic P2 solid-state technology: Quantel will offer interoperability between its generationQ editing and server systems and Panasonic's professional plug-in P2 solid-state memory-based acquisition system; material acquired on Panasonic P2-equipped camcorders can be directly transferred into Quantel editing and server systems; material will be played back from the P2 cards and edited directly with the Quantel user interface.


JVC DM-JV600: Create an MPEG-2 bitstream from a high-definition source; features HD-SDI video input; reference either HD-SDI input or house sync; DVB-ASI MPEG-2 transport stream output; MPEG-2 compression; front panel 9 Mb/s to 40 Mb/s bit rate; is 1RU high.


Miller SOLO DV: Features selectable counterbalance, 75-mm ball leveling and quick release; is designed for single-operator crews: set up to 160-cm height in seconds and pack down to a compact 60-cm for transport; selectable leg-angle locks ensure rapid stabilization, while the 75-mm diecast alloy bowl offers quick leveling, optimum tortional rigidity and long-term durability; is available in three models: SOLO 5 handles zero to five pound MiniDV palmcorders; SOLO 10 handles five pound to 10 pound Mini and mid-sized DV camcorders; and SOLO 20 with the Miller DS20 fluid head handles 10 pound to 20 pound payloads.


Daking Mic-Pre IV: Offers four channels of Class A preamplifiers in a 1RU with outboard power supply; use as a stand-alone or in conjunction with a console; each input offers continuously variable gain control using Daking's aluminum knobs, a 20-segment LED level meter with +24db peak indicator, switchable mic/line or hi-z instrument, switchable +48V phantom power, switchable input phase and switchable 20dB pad.


Multidyne HYDRA-8000 Series: Transports up to 32 video and 128 audio channels in 1RU with a maximum of more than 768 channels using one tactical cable; available with WDM and CWDM technology with each wavelength supporting up to eight video and 32 audio channels; tactical fiber cables are available with four, eight or 12 fibers with Hermaphroditic or TFOCA II connectors; the system is 100 percent digital; high density and modular in design; supports 24 bit stereo audio flat from 20 to 20kHz Hz with S/N greater than 90 dB and THD less than 0.05 percent.