Image Server MAXX

360 Systems

The high-performance, three-channel broadcast video server with graphic store and key and fill supports MPEG-2 video up to 50Mb; inputs MPEG-2 and DV over GigE from Apple FCP and Avid, as well as TARGA files from graphics programs; includes frame sync, SDI video ports, AES/EBU, digital, analog and embedded audio.


Axon Digital Design

The aligner and frame synchronizer automatically detects Dolby E, and a possible offset of the guard band is measured; any offset of up to +/-0.5 frame will be corrected automatically by delaying the Dolby E between 0.5 and 1.5 frame; the video part of the SDI stream is delayed by one frame as default.
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Signal video monitor and display; simultaneously accepts, auto-detects, analyzes and displays eight synchronous or asynchronous HD, SD and analog video signals; an additional ninth input is a computer graphic input for display of a dynamic background image; displays up to WUXGA (1920 × 1200) resolution; fits into the company's 7700FR-C frame.


Microwave Radio Communications (MRC)

The portable ENG transmitter supports integral MPEG-2 SD/HD encoding, plus analog or COFDM and high-speed single carrier digital modulation in bands between 1.9GHz and 2.6GHz; features user-friendly front-panel controls, built-in AC/DC power supplies and nine programmable presets, which make setup easy.

H-Class Content Delivery Platform


The platform includes H-Class Airtime Sales, H-Class Scheduling, H-Class Digital Asset Management, H-Class Media Ingest, H-Class Playout Automation and H-Class Intelligent Transport; offers platform-based advantages, including content management and sharing, intra-application messaging, increased security, and scheduling functionality; management of content assets, associated metadata and content relationships enables the delivery of rich media across multiple distribution channels.


Grass Valley

The multiformat camera platform supports 1080i50/60, 720p50/60, 525i/60 and 625i/50; records at DV25, JPEG2000 and MPEG-2 SD and HD; records and plays from integrated REV PRO drive and professional-grade CompactFlash media; supports HD-SDI, CVBS, TC and AES audio; IT-based interfaces include three USB, a FireWire and an HDMI display connectors and GigE.



Server for live production, post, content management and playout; can be combined to build a complete multichannel and real-time media sharing production network with nearline central storage.



The IPTV control system is a modular, large operator conditional-access system for any kind of content; developed as a transport platform independent solution; can be used as a convergent solution to secure DVB, IP and mobile content.

HDN-X10 Editcam HD


The HD camera features a tapeless recording system and 2/3in 2.1 megapixel CMOS sensors for superior picture quality and wide dynamic range; uses the Avid DN×HD mastering codec to deliver HD-resolution full-raster (1920 × 1080) images that can be edited in real time; features a data rate of 145Mb/s to capture images in the 1980/60i, 1080/24p and 720/60p HD formats on Ikegami's FieldPak2 recording media.

Newsbox HD


A convenient, affordable and self-contained news system; has the capability to ingest, view rushes, choose shots, edit stories, review finished pieces and play them to air; available in HD, SD and HD-upgradeable configurations.



The digital video router features Gennum's 3Gb/s HD/SDI chipset; is specifically designed for use in video production trucks and other applications where space is limited; built for HD; supports all standard SD data rates; is ASI-compliant; can be configured for systems ranging in size from 12 × 12 up to 288 × 576; all modules, including power supplies and cooling fans, are front-serviceable and hot-swappable.


Rohde & Schwarz

Portable analyzer offers all the functions and features of a spectrum analyzer, combined with the functions and features of an analog and digital TV test receiver; comes equipped with a preamplifier, tracking generator and TV module that permits the analysis of analog and digital TV signals and their demodulation; the demodulated video signal, which is made available at an output that can be used either as an analog TV or as a digital output, can be routed to an external monitor or an MPEG-2 decoder.

Cine 30 HD


Fluid head features a sideload clamping mechanism for the camera plate; offers several benefits, including newly designed control elements such as the brake lever and pan bar.
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UE 9000

Scopus Video Networks

The universal encoder series allows broadcasters and network operators to easily migrate from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4; features a dense encoding architecture and allows dual-channel encoding in a 1RU chassis; provides superior image quality and can be integrated in open- or closed-loop statistical multiplexing architectures; UE 9310 provides one MPEG-2 channel and by adding an H.264 software upgrade, the encoder can simultaneously transmit either or both formats over ASI and IP networks.



An automated robotic cart system; accommodates up to four PDW-1500 units and up to 80 discs to store 1.8TB of AV material; ideal for ingesting, archiving and on-air playout applications; is equipped with a standard VCC control protocol, allowing easy integration into existing systems; the PDJ-CS10 Cart Interface Software is available to interface with MXF-compliant systems.

EN8030 and EN8090


The EN8030 is an MPEG-4 AVC SD ultracompression encoder; the EN8090 is an MPEG-4 AVC HD/SD ultracompression encoder; the encoders enable HDTV services to be delivered at data rates below 6Mb/s, with similar improvements to SD services; enable operators to deliver HD and SD multichannel and single-channel services across cable, satellite, telco and terrestrial networks.



SD/HD capture card now features 2K resolution video support; now provides customers editing and finishing on an Apple Power Mac G5 with the capability to bring in and play back material at 2K; provides support for hardware-based 1080i-to-720p or 720p-to-1080i crossconversion.


Blackmagic Design

Real-time HD mixing console with the power of Multibridge Extreme; results in a complete live TV production studio; supports two cameras; provides HD-SDI quality, direct recording to disk, graphics keying, genlock outputs and full camera monitoring; is a free software update for all Multibridge Extreme users.



HD/SD character generator features broadcast-quality, real-time animation and seamless interoperability with external systems; ideal as an entry-level HD/SD solution for studio and mobile live broadcast and production operations; allows the creation of 2-D and 3-D graphics that can be taken to air immediately; content can be created on- or offline.



Multidefinition legalizer accepts 1080i and 720p, as well as 625i PAL and 525i NTSC SD; enables program producers and editors to ensure that the level of their video signals remains within the strict tolerances required for HD and SD transmission to air and DVD mastering; levels can be monitored continuously and manually or automatically corrected.



A digital and IP video service monitoring application; provides continuous, simultaneous monitoring of more than 250 video streams, as well as test access coverage at QoS-relevant points in the network; addresses every deployment phase, including initial design, network element deployment.



Creates, schedules and airs complete DTV subchannels incorporating national, regional and local content; SD/HD video and graphics; includes hardware, software, data-parsers and asset management; RAID storage; compatible with Xmedia Suite.



Offers HD and SD switching, advanced audio processing and flexible keying and DVE options; upgrades include the addition of an HD DVE and the option to install Dolby E decoders and logo storage; now benefits from four keyers and has the ability to handle audio mixing.



Prompter module for the WinPlus; eliminates the need for users to manually control the speed of the text on a teleprompter; requires no training; the system simply follows the spoken work of the talent.



A four-channel SDI and audio fiber-optic transport; provides high-quality performance with built-in SDI frame synchronizers; the system supports four SDI, 16 audio or eight AES/SPDIF channels.


Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS)

Traffic management system with a new user interface uses a standard browser, making it easy to use and reducing training time; additional developments include a fully configurable workflow that allows users to tailor the system to meet its own operational processes; advanced user-maintained multilingual dictionaries allow the system to cater for all language sets, including Arabic and Chinese.

Super High-Density Coax (SHDC)


Coax cable designed for AES audio, 5.1 and 7.1 applications where space is critical; the 1.5RU panel features 4 × 48 coax ports (96 circuits) with switchable termination, allowing selection/deselection of a 75Ω termination function on each circuit pair.


Snell & Wilcox

Software-based conversion platform combines Snell & Wilcox's Ph.C motion estimation and FormatFusion technologies; encompasses a complete automated solution that can convert — under user control — video, audio and metadata to any required format in a single “anytime” pass; can be used in both the stream- and file-based domains.



HD encoder delivers high-quality compression using its combination of single-slice encoding and massive processing power; its full-picture architecture provides HDTV at 8Mb/s; a H.264 tool-set combines with sophisticated look-ahead algorithms, extensive motion and spatial prediction searches and advanced mode decision algorithms to optimize encoding efficiency.


NTP Technology

A multinorm audio routing matrix; can be installed either as a master control room matrix system or associated to user surfaces and/or control panels for use in studios.
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Pebble Beach Systems

New improvements to the automation system include increased capacity for large systems, providing virtually unlimited expansion, SNMP alarm alerts, improved media transcoder functions, comprehensive timers, extended search and replace functions, and new drivers to support a range of additional devices.
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SBT3-7500 ACT-L3


The encoder solution is built on Streambox's ACT-L3 codec and advanced proprietary video compression technology; is integrated in one compact portable device that features a lower power requirement to flexibility of mobility without sacrificing broadcast-quality video; matches MPEG-2 video quality at a 75 percent lower data rate and is up to 50 percent more efficient than MPEG-4.


Fischer Connectors

HDTV connector features an integrated Corning UniCam fiber-optic contact, which eliminates the need for epoxy and polishing during termination; is practical and economical to assemble and repair in the studio and in the field; is fully SMPTE signal- and cable-compliant; employs two single-mode fiber contacts, two high-voltage contacts and two signal contacts.


Digital Vision

A universal standards converter; a joint development with Pro-Bel; converts between all the primary HD standards (regardless of frequency), any SD standard, and from SD to HD or vice versa with no loss of picture quality.

Vista 5


The 32-fader digital audio console consists of 20 channel strips, optimized for input channel operation, and 12 additional versatile strips for operating output and input channels; by using the standard Vistonics screen, up to 52 outputs are under immediate control; a total of up to 240 channels can be accessed from the desk and laid out in any order with the Vistonics system, giving instant control over all related channel functions.


Utah Scientific

Channel branding system can be used as a standalone or part of a multichannel master control system under the control of an MC-2020 master control network; can be installed in an output slot of a UTAH-400 router frame, giving the processor full access to every signal within the router; system automatically changes between SD and HD operation by sensing the reference input signal.



A virtual intercom panel; allows PC users to communicate with the matrix intercom system over IP; the matrix can mix connections with digital wired, digital wireless and IP PCs to provide all user requirements, near and remote.

HD-e series

Thales Angenieux

Cost-effective lens series consists of three zoom lenses: the 19 × 7.3 AIF HD-e, with a zoom ratio of 19X and focal length ranging from 7.3mm to 139mm; the 10 × 5.3 AIF HD-e, with a zoom ratio of 10X and focal length ranging from 5.3mm to 53mm; and the 26 × 7.8 AIF HD-e, with a zoom ratio of 26X and focal length ranging from 7.8mm to 203mm.

LC-42 and LC-47


LCD displays feature full high-definition resolution (1920 × 1080) and large display sizes (42in and 47in diagonal); compatible with a wide variety of signal sources; capable of showing analog and digital video, as well as data content, in sequence or picture in picture; feature a fanless design for low noise, frame lock and low-power consumption; accept 1080p signals.

Flexiscope Microflex


A multiformat, multistandard handheld waveform, vector, audio and picture monitor; uses a built-in 3.5in diagonal high-quality high brightness TFT display; shows the picture in 4:3 or 16:9 formats; also shows conventional waveform, vector and audio displays together with data analysis; easy to plug-in input option modules allow operation in all current formats and enables future standards to be accommodated.

Multibridge Pro

Blackmagic Design

A bidirectional capture and playback converter that instantly switches between HD and SD; features 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 video quality; includes the new high-speed PCI Express connection; can be used as a high-quality converter or editing system.

Agility Web


Web-based publisher features load-balanced batch encoding capabilities, supporting numerous format versions and content volume; supports mobile formats and network distribution profiles, including Nextreaming and AMR narrowband audio for new-generation handsets and turnkey distribution profiles that deliver media to mobile service providers.

Digital Plus


HD audio technology is build on Dolby Digital; designed for the delivery formats of the future, but remains fully compatible with all current A/V receivers; features multichannel sound with discrete channel output; channel and program extensions can carry multichannel audio programs of up to 7.1 channels and support multiple programs in a single encoded bit stream; supports data rates as high as 6Mb/s.

BrightEye series

Ensemble Designs

Nine added units in the palm-sized equipment line offer new HD converter and sync pule generator choices; includes an HD or SD analog-to-digital converter with either an electrical or optical output and eight-channel audio multiplexing; BrightEye 55 is a genlockable sync pulse generator and test signal generator in a small form factor; is useful for mobile applications or for facilities with space limitations; dual-format HD and SD optical and electrical converters provide solutions for long cable runs; supports single- and multimode fiber.

Turbo iDDR

Grass Valley

Leverages the digital storage, net-working and media-management capabilities of the company's Profile video servers; fits into any existing environment; users can load content as audio or video, or as files from removable media.



Designed for audio post applications, the console interfaces directly to digital audio workstations, such as Steinberg's Nuendo and Merging Pyramix, using the EuCon high-speed control protocol; control surface can be fitted with eight to 48 channel strips; has eight knobs per strip, a moving fader and TFT screen, and an MC Intelligent Application Controller for master console functions; includes integral control of the DAW.

XP series

Link Research

The wireless camera range consists of six major systems; all of the systems are fully agile in the 1.95GHz to 2.7GHz or 3.4GHz to 3.58GHz band; a new 7GHz transmitter counters the increasing problems of frequency congestion and works in the 6.4GHz to 7.1GHz band.
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Fiber-optic signal transport is designed for broadcast, OB, events and multimedia applications; integrates video, audio, data and control signals into a single, low-latency and secure network, without the need for compression; uses intelligent nodes linked by fiber-optic cable; is scalable from a single switch to a large, meshed wide area network spanning hundreds of kilometers; is modular and future-proof.

Cheetah DRS


A multiformat audio router that scales from 64 × 64 in 1RU up to 2048 × 2048 in 36RU; inputs or outputs can be added as needed by adding another 1RU frame; can be used as standalone 1RU system or expanded with either a single Cat 5 or fiber expansion cable; each frame supports redundant power, redundant control and quick access front-loadable, hot-swappable matrix cards.



An XDCAM disc drive unit; specifically designed for use in nonlinear editing systems; the drive unit supports the i.LINK interface supporting DV I/O and File Access Mode protocols, allowing connection with a variety of nonlinear editing systems; features a highly compact and lightweight design.


Tiernan Radyne

Dual-program video encoder can simultaneously encode one HD and one SD video stream, as well as up to four stereo audio pairs; supports 1Mb/s to 160Mb/s encoding on 4:2:0/4:2:2 signals; features a two-pass encoding process and built-in video upconverter and downconverters.


Telecast Fiber Systems

An inline SMPTE cable amplifier/repeater for 311M copper/fiber cable; receives and retransmits optical signals on each fiber at -7dBm; is powered by the camera's base station; features 15dB of new optical budget and integral optical power metering.


Marshall Electronics

HD monitor provides high-pixel density for 10.4in to 3.5in displays in one-, two-, three- and four-screen configurations; newly developed proprietary technology delivers a completely digital image process onto each screen; features improvements in brightness, contrast ratio and viewing angles; configurations are available with HD-SDI, SDI, DVI, component HD/SD and composite video inputs.

OptiLinx OLX-3000


A versatile, multipurpose, non-blocking transparent switch; provides high-speed switching between ports with minimal effect on overall network latency; is capable of switching digital signals up to 4.25Gb/s with any of its 144 ports, all in a compact 4RU chassis.

Synergy MD

Ross Video

Multidefinition production switchers; new formats include SD at 525 and 625 lines and HD at 720P, 1080i and 1080psf with 50Hz, 59.94Hz and 24fps rates; the WARP engine adds curvilinear effects to the Squeeze & Tease 3-D DVE; Squeeze & Tease 3-D adds just-like-a-wipe (JLAW) transitions, making it simple to perform a background or any combination of background and key transitions.



Manages airtime sales and traffic operations, as well as content acquisition, broadcast rights, long-term and detailed schedule planning, and promotion planning; new management tools allow broadcasters to manage the streaming of video and data in parallel to regular events; other enhancements include revenue and inventory management, internal process controls and multicampaign promo optimization.


Artec Technologies

Broadcast logger unifies compliance recording, archiving, monitoring, streaming and media service into one unit; multiple numbers of TV channels can be recorded together with metadata such as EPG, as-run logs, closed captions and Teletext; is operated and administered via network-based Web clients; clips can be produced in WM9, MPEG-2, Real or 3G format.
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A video time and date inserter that references an internal standalone clock; the clock is line-frequency referenced; an internal DIP switch allows selection of a crystal time base reference; six digits of time and six digits of date are superimposed onto a video signal looped through the unit.



Software monitors, manages and helps control workflow by collecting, organizing, consolidating and leveraging network data from broadcast production, playout and transmission systems; can reduce salary and training costs of engineers and support staff by 25 percent; reduces disruptions and outages.
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