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Nevada’s low-power TV stations install 360 Systems servers

Low-power TV stations KPVT-TV and KHMP-TV, Nevada‚ have upgraded their existing 360 Systems Image Server 2000 servers to the latest models (MAXX 2400), gaining improved reliability and expanded capacity. The new 2400 now handles playout for KPVT channel 30, while an older Image Server 2000 runs KHMP channel 62.

The upgrade became necessary because the stations are putting more syndicated programming to offline storage and wanted more capacity and two ingest channels. The new MAXX 2400 server also allows the stations to be compatible with their current file formats. It gives the stations backward compatibility with existing files, 700 hours of file storage capacity and an easy interface with their Harris automation system.

At the station’s headquarters, the servers handle two simultaneous record streams, whereby Channel 3 is set on auto record to catch network delays, and Channel 1 ingests syndicated programming. A Harris automation system starts and stops the records, and a playlist switches between playout of network and syndicated shows.

KPVT is a FamilyNet and AMGTV affiliate, and KHMP is an America One affiliate, with both stations available on CMA cable.

Randy Cress, the engineer in charge of both stations, runs both with one system out of master control with 20 racks. Two edit bays use PCs equipped with Adobe Premiere software.

The MAXX-2400 serves as a two-channel video recorder, a four-channel playout server, a graphics stillstore with linked key-and-fill capability, while providing 700 hours of storage time. Standard features include composite and SDI video ports, a frame synchronizer and a complete set of audio formats.

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