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NDS Dynamic delivers addressable ads for set-top boxes

NDS has developed a new product called NDS Dynamic that enables addressable EBIF-based interactive ads to be delivered to individual set-top boxes (STB).

The NDS Dynamic ad engine supports SCTE 130-based STB level addressability, EBIF-based interactive advertising applications and CableLabs Advanced Advertising 1.0-based measurement. The technology’s approach to addressability is focused on a local ad engine that stores audience qualifier data in the STB. As a result, the STB can interpret broadcast messages delivered to all boxes to make ad decisions appropriate for a specific STB.

This approach reduces the need for unique messaging and usage of out-of-band messages for every STB while making addressable ad decisions. The NDS Dynamic system is integrated with the NDS ETV system to allow addressable interactivity, as well as with local splicing and “forced tuning” components of NDS Dynamic, which enables linear addressability.

In a recent demonstration of the technology at the CableLabs OpenCable Advanced Advertising InterOp event, NDS demonstrated the technology. The company’s partners included BlackArrow, which provided Campaign Management; Sigma Systems, which provided an SCTE 130-compliant Subscriber Information Service (SIS) for subscriber addressability; Nielsen Claritas, which provided PRIZM data; and Zodiac, which supplied the EBIF User Agent.

The demonstration featured an addressable RFI in which two legacy STBs in two different households presented different RFI overlays on top of the same linear ad. The end-to-end scenario included addressable profile creation on the STB, campaign creation, RFI template production, ad delivery, execution and measurement.