NABSHOW: Reserve Your Seat

Looking at last year's stats, more than 100,000 people attended NAB. One-quarter were international attendees, so it truly is a world show for the broadcast community. This year, the show gets a strap line “When Content Comes to Life,” reinforcing the fact that the technology serves to distribute content. Broadcasters are purchasing software and hardware to enable their business.

For the vendors exhibiting in the four halls, the need to prove an ROI for their products could well be more important that specsmanship. When buying technology, you face a complex set of decisions. Is the technology state-of-the-art? Does it adhere to international standards? What are the support costs?

Then there is the business side. How long will it take to amortize? Will it require staff retraining? Can you lower staffing levels?

That visit to the stand is going to be just the start of several months work, or maybe you have made up your mind and want to ink the deal. If you are only looking, the following pages list some of the new products that will be launched at the show. Check our preview to make sure that you don't miss an essential gizmo that could improve the efficiency of your station.

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Automated content repurposing system

Snell & Wilcox
iCR V3.0

Designed for producers of film and broadcast content in the mobile, telco, cable and broadband markets; enables ingest of SD and HD content; offers new universal conversion tools to simplify creation of multiple variants of HD and SD programs within the file-based domain; features motion-compensated, software-based Alchemist IP SD standards conversion, advanced MPEG-4 authoring tools, enhanced QC reports and XML-based integration to asset management systems.
+ 44 23 9248 900
Stand: SU4220

Waveform monitor


A two- or four-channel HD/SD waveform monitor with up to four simultaneous waveform displays on a single screen; designed for camera control units in OBs, studios and MCRs; features user-definable gamut error settings and G, R, B, Y, Cb, Cr and luminance; offers A/B overlay, user preset keys, A/B parade display, 10 user soft keys, three separate display outputs, two or four auto sensing inputs, in-built rasterizer and quad splitter.
+45 44 85 02 55
Stand: N1533

Digital console

Vista 5 SR

A Vistonics screen provides a direct viewing angle when operating in a standing position, particularly in daylight; a temperature control system makes the console reliable in the broad temperature ranges of its sound reinforcement applications; features flash memory, redundant power supplies, and optional redundant audio and control links; engineered for the road.
+41 1 870 7511;
Stand: N8229

Digital audio router

NTP Technology
Penta 725-100

Part of a range of compact digital audio signal processors; a standalone router with 64 AES/EBU stereo and dual MADI inputs/outputs; designed for broadcast studios, post-production and OB environments; can be controlled locally or remotely; includes front-panel navigation keys and a compact display for local configuration and system setup; fits in a 1RU chassis; an integral Web server enables remote TCP/IP-based configuration and control via RJ45 Ethernet; conforms to ASE3 protocol via rear-panel D connectors and to ASE10 Serial MADI via optical fiber.
+45 44 53 11 88;
Stand: N/A

Network encoder

Pipeline Quad

Offers user-selectable SDI encoding to multiple formats in a single box; supports DV, IMX and MPEG-2 formats; includes confidence monitoring and redundant power supplies; provides real-time, reliable tape ingest into FlipFactory and Episode transcoding products as well as Apple's Final Cut Pro.
+1 530 470 1300
Stand: SL5405

Digital modem


Configuration concerns the functionality (modulator only, demodulator only, modem), the data interfaces installed (ASI, DS3, STM-1, E3 etc.), the data rate (up to 310Mb/s), the modulation schemes, FEC codes and spectrum filter shaping factor; uses an advanced 24 taps adaptive equalizer for the DDM310 robustness to dispersive multipath fading; provides for a notch of up to 50dB to be tolerated in QPSK mode; available in modulation schemes such as QPSK, 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM, 128QAM and 256QAM; for each modulation scheme, it's possible to set the Baud rate, the Reed Solomon coding, the PTCM/convolutional coding, the roll-off factor of the shaping filters and other parameters.
+39 0185 351 333;
Stand: C3327

Asset and workflow management

Digital Zeus

For physical asset management, tracks equipment using identifiers such as name, description and location; for technical workflow management, provides ticket generation and management, automatic routine ticket generation, interdepartmental communications, shift notes and service scheduling; for workforce management, offers personnel scheduling, assignment of duties, time card management and safety integration; for overall management, offers budgeting tools, key performance indicators, safety reports and training overviews.
+407 352 6501;
Stand: SU14605

Synchronizer, tracker, embedder

Crystal Vision

Features a video synchronizer, tracking audio delay, an embedder/de-embedder and an audio processor in one 4in by 10.5in board; with timing from SD or HD analog syncs, it will synchronize the video, de-embed up to two audio groups, mono route the audio channels and pass them through a tracking audio delay, resampling them to match the synchronized video; re-embeds the two groups.
+44 1223 497049
Stand: N1311

Broadcasting and production console


Features a lightweight construction, low-power consumption and compact dimensions; in combination with the routing matrix integrated in the core, it offers maximum flexibility for I/O interfaces and DSP resources; has a matrix capacity of 8192 mono inputs and outputs and 512 DSP channels.
+49 7222 1002 48;
Stand: N8720

Final Cut Pro plug-in

AJA Video Systems

Enables working in HD and SD in Apple's Final Cut Pro 6; via FireWire 800 interface, supports Apple's ProRes 422 codec in hardware, enabling 10-bit video editing on a MacPro desktop or MacBook Pro laptop; offers SD/HD analog I/O, SD/HD digital I/O (including HD-SDI and HDMI), balanced analog and digital AES audio, RS-422, genlock with loop through, and LTC time code connections.
+ 1 530 274 2048;
Stand: SU7105, SL1413

UHF power splitter


Comes in 50V for WiLAN, WiMax, GPS and cell phone devices, and 75Ω for satellite broadcast distribution and Cat 5; also available in four-way configuration; features center frequency from 300MHz to 2600MHz and bandwidth options of 100MHz, 150MHz, 200MHz and customized; offers excellent insertion loss and return loss, as well as RoHS compliancy.
+886 2 25652500
Stand: C1339

XT[2] server software

Multicam 9.00

Offers significant improvements in media file transfer with new file architecture and GigE connectivity as well as additional improvements to multiformat media exchange with third-party systems including storage, MAMs and craft editors.
+32 4 361 7000;
Stand: C4911

Active monitors and subwoofers

8200/7200 DSP Series

8200 series of biamplified active monitors and 7200 series of active subwoofers allow for all standard AES/EBU formats of digital audio; accept sampling rates ranging from 32kHz to 192kHz and traditional analog signals; integrated software allows 25 of the 8200 loudspeakers and five of the 7200 subwoofers to be denied and controlled via standard Cat 5 cabling.
+358 17 83881;
Stand: SL9220

MHEG-5 set-top box engine

Strategy & Technology
RedKey 2

Features IP-based return channel, HD graphics, enhanced font renderer with support for downloadable outline fonts and PVR control for Push VOD; allows set-top box/iDTV manufacturers to include only those features necessary for specific markets.
+44 20 7183 1500;
Stand: SU9306

Mobile measurement unit

Navigator DVB

New features include mobile trace, reference design validation and data export to simulation software; designed for mobile TV operators and DVB-H receiver manufacturers; mobile trace allows mobile TV operators to test and validate the capabilities of new phones; reference design allows testing and validation of new devices using DVB-H chip sets; data export to simulation software allows users to export their mobile campaign results to any coverage simulation software.
+33 557 928 928
Stand: N7932

DVB-S2 platform

Media Router S2 Receiver 5975

Enables the reception of DVB-S and DVB-S2 IP-based multimedia content to be delivered and distributed to remote devices connected to the unit via an Ethernet LAN; includes improvements, such as enhanced LBN power circuit, support for redundancy, full RoHs compliances and support for 2Msps to 32Msps in DVB-S2 mode via firmware.
+1 480 333 2200;
Stand: C5942

AES/EBU digital audio cables

Brilliance Part No. 1353A

A single-pair cable that combines ruggedness, flexibility and installation efficiency with superior digital and analog sound performance; ideal for use in permanent installations of balanced-line analog or digital audio; has inherent low capacitance, resulting in high-quality analog audio performance, even over long cable runs.
+31 77 38 78 555
Stand: C8828

Editing system

Blackmagic Design
Multibridge Pro

Advanced editing system connects to SDI, HDMI, component analog, NTSC/PAL and S-video for capture and playback, with instant switching among SD, HD and 2K; features eight channels of XLR AES/EBU audio in/out and two channels of XLR analog audio in/out; uses 3Gb/s SDI for twice the SDI data rate than normal HD-SDI; supports real-time effects in Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro; includes Blackmagic Deck Control.
+31 75 6572450;
Stand: SL10920

Fixed HD/SD quad-split multiviewer

Avitech international

Includes four auto-detecting HD-SDI or SD-SDI video inputs with eight channels of embedded audio per source; offers output resolutions up to 1920 x 1200; includes borders, labels (up to 32 characters) and tally as well as monitoring of alarms; supports TSL protocol for dynamic labels and tally management.
+81 3 5473 7525
Stand: SU13215

Audio encoder


Features integrated AAC V2 monitoring encoder for DAB+, optional RS-232 interface, front keypad, graphical display and LAN interface; makes available encoded audio data at eight the X.21 or LAN interface at a rate of 8Kb/s-192Kb/s; allows the user to monitor the uncoded and coded audio signals; can be connected via LAN network to the VDL Ensemble Multiplexer D-VAUDAX.
+49 911 527 10;
Stand: C9619B

Automation and playout system

cinegy air

New slow-motion feature uses motion vector-based image interpolation, making it ideal for sports coverage; offers multichannel active mode, providing users with simultaneous broadcasting of different playlists in various TV formats to multiple channels, with an additional horizontal timeline providing a clear view of what is playing; now includes SD/HD simulcast playout capabilities, enabling users to combine HD and SD elements in a playlist.
+49 89 23885360;
Stand: SU3113

Live encoder controller

Digital Rapids
Broadcast Manager

Designed for enterprise-level management and control application for multiple live streaming encoders; simplifies operation with centralized scheduling, remote control and individual and group resource management, while bolstering reliability with automated failover and alerts.
+44 1428 751012
Stand: SL8724

HD/SD MPEG-2 encoder

Link Research

A low-delay encoder for outside broadcast and uplink trucks; measures half the width of a standard 19in rack; supports MPEG-2 SD and HD; performance of this encoder is enhanced by options for DVB-S, DVB-S.2, DVB-T and the company's LMS-T modulations at 70MHz or S-band; software-upgradeable to H.264 High Profile encoding; can transmit video across triax, satellite links or fiber-optic networks; features a Web browser interface for remote control.
+44 1923 474060;
Stand: C1807B

Switching system

Eclipse Digital Matrix Version 5.0

Acts as a central switching unit for communication across a broadcast operation in the studio or out in the field; links together the company's V-Series panels and CellCom wireless beltpacks and headsets; the new version offers increased connections and expandability through robust E1/T1 telecoms connection, fiber linking and IP connectivity for flexible and reliable communication between local and remote locations.
+44 1223 815000;
Stand: C5908

HD master studio system

Solid State Logic
C300 HD

A compact, assignable console for fast and efficient sweetening and mix creation; features include tri-level sync support, serial control of HD VTRs, enhanced 96kHz feature set with provision for up to 16 discrete audio channels; offers extended DAW control with SoftKey keyboard commands and an improved center section GUI with larger time code display, 32 full-resolution meters and extended Mix Pass List display with 10 levels of undo.
+44 1865 842300
Stand: N4031

Video server

360 Systems
Image Server 2000

An extensive feature set makes it an excellent choice for VTR replacement, satellite ingest, and as play-to-air servers; includes three video channels; stores up to 170 hours of MPEG-2 video on internal drives; combines MPEG-2, DV and TARGA graphics in one versatile box; enables users to import and play ganged key-and-fill graphics, plus an MPEG-2 or DV stream, all at the same time; ideal for stations converting to digital video and IP transport solutions.
+1 818 991 0360
Stand: N/A

DTV format converter


Converts SD video to and from HD in real time; its small form factor enables applications such as HD field monitoring and conversion of SD camera and graphics sources to HD; processing includes aspect ratio conversion, deinterlace and noise reduction.
+1 407 858 6000;
Stand: SU10924

Web-based graphics


Integrates with Chyron's broadcast products; provides a one-stop seamless platform to create, composite and distribute graphic content over the Internet for traditional and new media markets; features FastMaps for the creation of maps, FastQuotes for stock market charts, FastCharts for bar graphs and pie charts, and FastWX for weather maps.
+44 118 921 4269;
Stand: SL3713

Camera resolution chart

DSC Resolution Laboratories
BackFocus Pattern

A central hyperbolic resolution pattern designed to demonstrate the capabilities of 12 megapixel (4000 line) cameras; includes similar wedges in the corners to check resolution and chromatic aberration, which is invaluable for testing lenses; solid black wedges are interspersed with the hyperbolics for setting back-focus.
+1 905 673 3211;
Stand: C5512

Audio recorder/mixer


Mixes 16 inputs to eight output busses for recording up to eight tracks; records to two CompactFlash cards simultaneously; features four balanced AES inputs with sample rate conversion.
+1 973 835 5000;
Stand: N4533

Converter with audio embedder

Digital COMPASS 9061

An up-, down- and crossconverter with universal; for installation into the openGear frame; features a high-quality 12-bit analog to 10-bit serial digital converter, an HD/SD-SDI input, analog and digital audio inputs, audio embedding, audio de-embedding, frame sync and user audio/video level controls; new addition offers HD/SD-SDI closed-captioning conversion.
+1 217 344 1243
Stand: N2819

Spectrum analyzer

Bird Technologies Group
SignalHawk, SH-36S

Provides fast, accurate and sensitive 100kHz to 3.6GHz spectrum analysis, with a -135dBm noise floor; features a large high-resolution display that is full color and indoor/outdoor viewable; features intuitive menus and one-button setup; has a long battery life of 5.5 hours per charge, and includes a field-replaceable battery; the USB drive stores 90,000 traces.
+1 866 695 4569;
Stand: N6138

HD codec technology


Designed for multigeneration compositing and post production; offers optimal mastering picture quality, minimal degradation over multiple generations, reduced storage requirements, real-time HD collaboration and sharing and improved multistream performance; features full frame raster sampling, choice of 8- or 10-bit sampling and three user-selectable bit rates and real-time HD multicamera performance.
+44 175 365 5999;
Stand: N/A

Automatic loudness correction

DP600 Program Optimizer

For file-based content; automatically analyzes and normalizes loudness levels in a standardized, repeatable way — in faster than real time; ensures that archived and newly ingested programming plays out at a consistent loudness level.
+44 1793 842 100;
Stand: N713


Brick House
Video Syntax

Offers upconversion and crossconversion with SDI I/O, noise reduction and ARC facilities; compact 1RU unit incorporates comprehensive audio facilities; based on advanced super-resolution bandlet technology; brings the performance advantages of motion-compensated processing without the associated disadvantages of high cost and occasionally severe artifacts.
+44 1962 777733
Stand: SU10811

Frame sync


Two-slot module; handles either HD- or SD-SDI video signals and eight AES audio inputs (embedded or discrete); de-embeds the audio; provides frame synchronization with audio and video proc controls; with handles for audio and video delay, this module performs Dolby decoding and Dolby Digital (AC3) encoding; also provides audio mixing options, as well as a serial metadata output; SNMP-enabled for monitoring and configuration control.
+1 905 335 3700;
Stand: N1602

Active storage system

Media Grid v. 2.1

Now includes a smaller, more affordable, entry level system suitable for a wider range of facilities, such as local broadcast stations and post-production facilities; uses multiple intelligent, interconnected-yet-independent storage servers to combine grid storage and grid computing to retrieve digital media quickly; scalable in capacity, bandwidth and processing power; new features include the ability to create storage reservations so that individual users are guaranteed a minimum amount of storage, tail-mode FTP to support active workflows in conjunctions with non-Omneon servers and more robust system monitoring and reporting.
+44 1256 88 44 50;
Stand: SU9620

Beat calculator/rhythm machine


Allows users to create drum tracks to match an edited video clip; beat calculator uses the EDL to calculate the optimum BPM for an edited picture sequence; suggests a series of possible fits from which the editor can choose; rhythm machine function uses a selected BPM, time signature and drum pattern to create a drum track in sync with the picture; exports as audio AIFF, QuickTime or MIDI file.
+353 91 504 688;
Stand: SL9610

Color changing lights


Energy-efficient color changing light fixtures; dimmable to 3 percent through standard protocols, including DMX-512 and DALI; saturate cyclorama walls as wide as 4.88m with consistently rich, even color values; durable enough to handle the rigors of studio operations; available in six- or 12-lamp models that use 28W or 54W, red/green/blue, single-phosphor T5 lamps with color sleeves; lamps can last up to 10,000 hours.
+1 412 206 0106
Stand: SU5027

Offline editor

Calrec Audio
Offline Editor

Provides operators with an emulation of the Calrec console PC application on any other PC, such as a laptop; allows remote configuration of any Calrec console, saving time on-site; enables the desk to be preconfigured while it is still in use; useful for operators who are working on a tight schedule, such as freelance operators planning for a specific outside broadcast.
+44 1422 842159;
Stand: N8723

Playout application

MassChannel DR

An automated solution for business continuity, providing for video replication, storage and playback; maintains exact placement of commercial content and a consistent signal to air in the event of a failure; integrates seamlessly into an existing broadcast operation; does not require any operator interaction.
+1 905 886 1833;
Stand: SU13813

HDTV converter


Features built-in 3Gb/s 1080p 50/59.94 processing and conversion capabilities, I-WINGS sidebar content fill, and eight AES input and output with 32 channels of internal audio processing; integrated Dolby decoding and encoding handles compressed Dolby streams.
+44 118 964 8000
Stand: N2502

Triax connectors

Fischer Connectors
1051 series

A new design of the 1051 plug and cable receptacle facilitates quicker assembly, maintenance and cable installation; made of new material, the series is now lighter but still retains its high strength; the parts that make up the connector have been optimized and their number reduced, so that the assembly process is simplified and doesn't require specific tools; when cabled, the new connector is more versatile; contact blocks are interchangeable, which simplifies maintenance.
+41 21 800 9595
Stand: N3837

HD video server

Doremi Labs

Records and plays SD and HD-SDI video; features high-quality JPEG2000 video compression; the included hot-swap drive provides up to six hours of storage; can function as a Sony 9pin device via its RS-422 port; also compatible with Odetics and VDCP (Louth).
+33 492 952 830
Stand: SU6026

HDTV studio lens


Has a focal length of 6.5mm to 180mm; offers optional BWA-271 0.9x wide-angle attachment; features a servo-zoom speed of 0.5 seconds; a new optional remote-controllable macro-focus feature allows the camera operator to perform macro focusing from the pan bar; incorporates the second-generation Digital Servo System, designed to make zoom and focus controls precise and repeatable.
+31 20 545 8905
Stand: SU3020


Linear Acoustic
StreamStacker-HD e2

Next phase of multichannel audio system passes Dolby-compatible metadata; can generate and regenerate metadata in both encoders and decoders; enhances the performance of the DTS Coherent Acoustics encoder; offers improved jitter performance, increased error resilience and activates a GPI-controlled soft bypass mode to allow the system to be installed in series with other coding systems to support legacy content; available in a software development kit configuration.
+44 207 665 6463
Stand: C2151

Li-Ion V-Mount battery

IDX System Technology
Endura Elite

Designed for ENG/EFP productions; features a 142Wh capacity, a twin power cartridge design that doubles its shooting capability for operation of up to 3.5 hours using a 40W HD ENG/EFP camera and replaceable cartridges; complies with RoHS and aircraft security regulations.
+44 20 8813 1666;
Stand: C8032

SD/HD multiformat production switcher

Snell & Wilcox

New DVE capabilities include Fluid Effects, which allows operators to wrap live video around animated models for a highly sophisticated look in live production; rather than render video and the 3-D model on a separate system, operators can select any real-time source and apply it to any 3-D model that has been preloaded onto the switcher.
+ 44 23 9248 900
Stand: SU4220

Dual quad-split processor

Miranda Technologies

Combines two independent, high-quality quad-split processors in an 1RU frame; designed for applications such as mobile truck monitoring, which typically demands high density monitoring across multiple, high-quality but inexpensive LCD monitors; provides full flexibility with respect to the sizing and positioning of the HD/SD/analog video windows; features 2 × 4 autosensing HD-SDI/SDI/analog composite video inputs, and two high-quality DVI outputs with up to 1920 × 1200 pixels.
+44 1491 820 000;
Stand: SU6811

Channel management solution


Covers the whole process of schedule management for a TV station, from rough planning to broadcasting; covers the intricate web of interactions and constraints between traffic management, program acquisition, production, promotion, trailer campaigns, commercials, transmission preparation, tape and finance information and, of course, scheduling.
+32 2 467 34 30;
Stand: C11819B

Instant-replay system


A multidefinition, multichannel instant-replay system; provides continuous recording of up to 32 channels of SD or HD content; every input features an independent key channel; allows operators to switch instantly between live, play and record functions, with instant synchronous playback available on all channels; fully integrated with Echolab's Overture1 and Overture2 switchers.
+65 9006 1497;
Stand: SU9607

Editing system feature

Sundance Digital
Publish to Sundance (P2S)

New feature available within Avid editing systems enables the seamless migration of finished content directly to the broadcast facility's play-to-air server, complete with its metadata; incorporates the functions of Sundance Digital Titan and FastBreak NXT, Avid Interplay and its Media Services Engine, and Avid ProEncode using the Telestream or Agility Anystream transcode engines.
+65 6476 7666
Stand: N/A

Media management system


Converts between common file and digital video formats, facilitating search, browse, and file delivery; interfaces to third-party media content databases and archives; performs the unified management of different media files, such as media ingest and format conversion, so that each media asset can be repurposed for delivery via a variety of outlets, including broadcast, the Internet, and packaged media; includes the MBP-100SX baseband converter and MXF file conversion software.
+44 20 8391 7979;
Stand: SU5220

SD/HD master control system


Features up to four DSKs, a preview bath, 16-level audio mixing, AES voice-overs, Dolby E mixing, DVE, bug inserter and frame delay; offers tight integration with Pro-Bel control panels, Morpheus control and monitoring and Morpheus Automation; housed in a 2RU frame.
+ 44 118 921 4294;
Stand: SU12712

Stereo post-production technology

Stereoscopic 3D

Enables Pablo and iQ systems to deliver simultaneous high-resolution stereo streams; adds dedicated stereo tolls on top of the systems' existing post-production toolsets; available as an option on all new Pablo 4K and iQ4 systems or as a upgrade to existing systems.
+44 1635 48222;
Stand: SL720

HD up/down/crossconverter

Ensemble Designs

For use in broadcast and post; can process SD signals into HD, downconvert HD signals into SD, and perform format and aspect ratio conversion on both SD and HD signals; accepts asynchronous signals; automatically adjusts between SD/HD color space and gamma; features edge and motion adaptive noise reduction, picture detail enhancement and anti-alias filter.
+1 530 478 1830
Stand: SU2326

Time code reader/video inserter


Decodes SMPTE/EBU time code and superimposes the date and time on video signals looped through the unit; displays date and time with 5 × 7 dot matrix characters; available with one channel up to 12; includes size, position, display mode and mask mode settings; allows the user to change settings and superimpose up to three lines of text per channel on the video signals looped through the unit.
+1 310 322 2136;
Stand: N3121

Live slow-motion solution

SprintCam Live

Supports rates up to 8000fps with instant replay at SD and HD (720p and 1080i); comprises a camera, CCU, an operator control panel and a slow-motion remote control; provides real-time control of image quality settings including gamma, knee, white/black balance; features a new sensor that provides increased dynamic range and image quality.
+32 65 321535;
Stand: C11819E


Fast Forward Video
Recon DVR

An ultra-compact, board-level DVR; offers the ultimate flexibility to manufacturers of OEM products that can work in standalone or portable applications without sacrificing performance or quality; based on the same architecture as the professional DigiDeck DVR; provides outstanding 720 × 486 pixel image resolution and scalable compression with high-quality video inputs and outputs to maximize image quality.
+1 949 852 8404;
Stand: N2519

Wireless intercom system

IntraCom Systems
VCOM Wireless Intercom

Supports virtually an unlimited number of channels configurable for point-to-points, group calls or party lines; interfaces with other communication systems, has no frequency constraints and runs on Wi-Fi and/or data cellular-enabled handsets running Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher; offers the power of multichannel ProComm matrix intercoms in a handheld.
+1 424 288 4184
Stand: C9512

Tapless workflow solution

Band Pro
Codex Portable Digital Cinematography Recorder

Compact, lightweight and battery-powered for ease of use on location; offers all the key features of the larger Codex HD, 2K, and 4K digital media recording systems; moving images are captured from one or two channels of 4:4:4 HD, all the way up to 4K, with eight channels of digital audio and all production metadata, onto hot-swappable removable DiskPacks.
+1 818 841 9655;
Stand: SU1320

HD lenses


The studio lenses feature a wide angle of 7mm, precision zoom/focus and minimum focus breathing; the lenses are lightweight, weighing only 6kg; include a robotic interface and removable hood.
+49 2154 924 175;
Stand: C4210

Robotic and manual head

Vinten Radamec
Fusion FH100

Designed for use as a standalone system or for seamless integration with the Fusion FP145 pedestal; accepts payloads up to 56.7kg; can be used in either manual or robotic mode; uses the LF drag system used in the Vector 70, providing familiar drag performance for manual operators; contains its own power supply unit, allowing for AC mains to be taken into the head, either from the pedestal or directly from the studio supply.
+44 1284 752 121
Stand: C6414

Photo-epilepsy testing


Implements standard quality control checks on video, audio and metadata in a Windows-based software program designed to check content in a file-based and baseband environment; uses the built-in file management control for files to be assessed individually, by batch or automatically as files are ingested into the server; now checks for material that may trigger a seizure in those suffering from photo-sensitive epilepsy (PSE).
+44 1494 729728;
Stand: N1531

Production switcher control panels

Ross Video
Vision 1M, Vision 2M and Vision 2X

The Vision 1M and Vision 2M panels offer 24 crosspoint buttons, while the Vision 2X offers 32 crosspoint buttons; all of the panels can control up to four MEs of video processing and connect to the Ross MD and MD-X live production engine chassis; RGB buttons allows personalization of the control panel; a DualDisplay color touch-screen allows the operator to view and control two menus simultaneously.
+1 613 652 4886;
Stand: SU6010

Fiber-optic transport links

HD-1500-3G series

Provide an economical solution for the fiber-optic transport and distribution of virtually any digital signal from 5Mb/s to 3Gb/s; support SMPTE 424M 3GSDI, SMPTE 292M 1.485Gb/s, SMPTE 259M with operation from 143Mb/s to 360Mb/s, SMPTE 310M 19.4Mb/s, M2S or DVB-ASI 270Mb/s, SMPTE 344M 540Mb/s and SMPTE 305M SDTi rates.
+011 516 671 7278
Stand: SU3411

HD downconverter

Network Electronics

Fully functional downconverter, from HD-SDI to SD-SDI, with composite video monitoring and audio decoding; features optical input with direct reclocked electrical output, analog audio monitoring, SDI and analog video output, internal video and audio generator, and SD frame-store for downconverter output.
+47 33 48 99 99
Stand: SU10814

Picture quality analyzer


Provides full support of HD formats; includes a comprehensive Human Vision Model along with a complete suite of measurement and diagnostic tools for picture quality analysis; allows video developers and broadcasters to quantify subjective video responses.
+49 221 94 77 357
Stand: N2520

Disaster recovery

iTX Business Continuity Process

Designed for business continuity applications; includes media replication, fully redundant mirroring and remote operation after evacuation; sources content automatically from existing video servers, transferring content as required to a remote location, where and iTX playback engine interprets the transmission schedules to provide a parallel service.
+44 8705 004 300;
Stand: SU4205

Handheld HD camcorder


New addition to the AVCHD product line; features three native 16:9 progressive 1/3in CCD imagers with an optical image stabilization function to ensure stable shooting and a 28mm Leica Dicomar wide-angel zoom lens; offers 1080i and 720p recording at 13Mb/s; additional features include professional XLR audio input connections and a wide range of data and signal interfaces.
+49 611 235 481
Stand: C3512

Content storage management option

Front Porch Digital

Builds on the distributed architecture of DIVArchive; each DIVAgrid Actor contains up to 9TB of RAID5 protected storage per node; any number of DIVAgrid Actors can be added to a DIVArchive system providing virtual nearline capacity equal to the sum of each of the individual node storage capacities; each DIVAgrid Actor also can be optionally paired with the company's in-path content transcoding solution or, alternatively, with a DIVAnalyze automated content quality assurance engine.
+33 4 50 88 37 70
Stand: N1830

Video server


A multiformat playout and video server designed to automate a master control room 24/7 and control a TV channel automatically, without errors; has the capacity to reproduce videos in the same playlist, regardless of the compression format whether it is DV, DVCPRO, MXF, MPEG-2 or WM9; can also control external devices such as switchers, VTRs and GPI; includes automation software; can create remote playlists and rundowns.
+34 93 734 99 70;
Stand: N3714

Clip and still store

Viz Quattro

Allows operator to access and create fully integrated graphics and videos directly from newsroom systems; extends the HD and SD channel branding with an intuitive solution for browsing and adding videos by inserting video content on top of the current images and 3-D elements when integrated in a graphic workflows, such as as Viz Content Pilot, with video asset management solutions, such as Viz Video Hub.
+47 5590 8080;
Stand: SL4805, R129

Newsroom computer system


Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux OS; features single-tap search that allows users to search for wires and stories by typing the search phrase directly in the list, double-column scripting with spellchecker, mouse-free approach and live script preview, time markers to divide rundowns into segments for show planning and time stamps to keep directors aware of the footage deficiency/surplus and whether stories need to be cut or added.
+420 221 181 511
Stand: N2838

Content management system


Combines content management software, content transport systems, content storage systems and best practices to help manage content securely and safely across an entire business model; facilitates communications between hardware, software and partners; ingests, manages, stores and transforms any type of rich media for distribution to any type of venue, including IPTV, mobile and the Internet.
+1 508 249 6207;
Stand: SU7820

Hardware/software suite

Networked Broadcast Monitoring System V2.1

Enables operators to monitor the broadcast process efficiently and visualize real-time video content on rear-screen projection modules or LCD panels; includes standalone display controller and three hot-swappable modules that are front-accessible; NGP-001 Display Controller allows users to display as many as 64 video sources on two high-res screens; eight-channel NGS-103 input module captures SDI and composite video signals, encodes them in JPEG2000 and streams them over a GigE network; NGS-104 Communication and Interface Module and NGS-107 General Purpose IO Module provide connectivity to legacy and third-party equipment.
+32 56 368 761;
Stand: SL3213

Digital TV transmitters

Screen Service Broadcasting Technologies
MAGNUM series

Designed for SFN and MFN networks; features a built-in SFN adapter and advanced technology, which allows implementation of all modulation patterns for either digital or analog in the same hardware; firmware allows zero error signal processing thanks to an internal 32-bit architecture.
+39 030 3582225;
Stand: C1324

HDV cameras

Sony Electronics
HVR-Z7U and HVR-S270U

Feature interchangeable lens systems, native progressive recording, increased sensitivity for low-light conditions and hybrid solid-state recording; the HVR-Z7U (handheld) and HVR-S270U (shoulder-mount) camcorders use the company's 1/3in three ClearVid CMOS Sensor system enhanced by Exmor technology, which features a unique column-parallel analog-to-digital conversion technique and dual noise canceling; offer sensitivity of 1.5lux.
+44 1256 355011
Stand: SU906

EFP/ENG lenses

Thales Angenieux
19 × 7.3 lenses

The 19 × 7.3 AIF general purpose ENG/EFP lenses are available in SD, HD and economically priced HD-E versions; features an ergonomic, lightweight design and extended focal range of 7.3mm to 139mm; weighs only 1.8kg with 2X extender and 1.7kg in the HD-E; sturdy construction is resistant to condensation, dust and rain; offer digital features including memorized focus and zoom positions, an anti-backlash system and auto cruise zoom function.
+33 477 90 78 99
Stand: C5323

Asset manager

Media Manager

Provides media, entertainment and broadcast industries an effective way to group, categorize, organize and track media assets; facilitates, streamlines and tracks dynamic workflows; allows a facility to capture asset information and location as it moves through the workflow process; fully integrated with ScheduALL; seamlessly manages work orders, shipping and duplication areas of the system.
+44 20 7636 0707
Stand: SL2308

Archive system


Includes a 4TB disk archive, a single LTO4 tape drive and 10 × 800GB tape slots; provides 12TB of entry-level storage; ships with all hardware, software, installation, training and 12 months of support; interfaces to many third-party control systems; designed for customers with archive requirements where a conventional infrastructure is cost-prohibitive, such as post-production facilities and regional broadcasters.
+44 2380 011 500;
Stand: SU11926

HD news production

Video Technics
HDX NewsFlow

Provides end-to-end news production of HD content; includes a new VT Studio Pro RTX.2 HD nonlinear editor, supporting native HDV 1080i, HDV 1080p, HDV 720p (JVC ProHD), Panasonic P2 MXF 720p and MPEG-2 4:2:2 I-frame HD editing; also includes the new Apella HDX video server.
+1 404 327 8300
Stand: SU9227

Camera support system


Designed for Mini DV to HDV camcorders; configures into four distinct support tools; in Soom TriPod mode, the system's 75mm bowl can be mated to a Sachtler FSB or other fluid head and features single-stage legs providing a vertical height range from 0.68m to 1.42m; for more height, the unit becomes HiPod — via its SOOM Tube integrated center column — telescoping vertically to a variable lens height of more than 2.4m; in Monopod configuration, the SOOM Tube removes from the tripod to function as a monopod with a height range of 0.86m to 1.57m; for going low, the TriSpread mid-level spreader removes from the standard tripod to become a single-stage baby tripod with a height range of 20.32cm to 48.26cm.
+49 89 321 58 200;
Stand: C6410

Media processing platform

TANDBERG Television

Enables ultra-low bandwidth video broadcasting to mobile devices such as cell phones, media players, in-car systems and laptops; supports the required encoding and content scrambling for broadcast DVB-H, 3G MBMS and unicast 3G streaming; sits at the core of an end-to-end system for mobile TV that offers picture quality at bandwidths of 200kb/s to 300kb/s, with up to eight channels per rack unit.
+44 2380 484197
Stand: SU4210


Mobile Software Encoder

Designed as software-based solution ported to a variety of mobile devices; transports broadcast video over Wi-Fi and 3G networks for real-time and store-and-forward news coverage; provides mobility without sacrificing performance, reliability, or quality; features the ACT-L3, providing video compression and error correction and bandwidth shaping, for managing, controlling and recovering lost packets and correcting irregularities common to video delivery over Wi-Fi and 3G networks.
+1 206 956 0544;
Stand: SU15515

Multichannel video monitor

Wohler Technologies
Touch-it Digital

Offers multichannel video monitoring functionality in a smart 3RU; features dual 7in high-resolution color LCD displays; the left monitor is a touch-screen that displays four to 16 thumbnail images; when one of these images is touched, that video source appears on the right monitor at full size and its HD/SD-SDI source signal is sent to an unbalanced output and to a VGA output for monitoring on an external display; accepts and switches eight standard SD-SDI video inputs, passing along any embedded audio.
+1 650 589 5676;
Stand: N1314


Riedel Communications
Performer series Digital Partyline

Now provides two- and four-channel master stations, rack-mount, wall-mount and desktop speaker stations, call light indicators and two-channel beltpack headset stations; the new Performer master stations CR-4 (four-channel) and CR-2 (two-channel) are designed for a standalone digital partyline system; an integrated power supply built into the 19in (1RU) device can power up to 32 Performer devices, such as beltpacks, split-boxes or desktop speaker stations, per line.
+49 202 292 9511;
Stand: C7511

Craft editor

Thomson Grass Valley
Aurora Craft

Leverages the benefits of the company's Aurora platform applications; offers tapeless workgroups complete QoS and bandwidth protection against bottlenecks while giving each user unfettered deterministic access to materials.
+1 503 525 8150
Stand: N1313

Digital media validation tool


Features faster-than-real time HD/SD conformance checking; H.264, MPEG-4 Part 2, MPEG-2, MPEG-1 and VC-1 video bit stream conformance; content validation for loss of signal, black, freeze frames, audio silence or clipping; and metadata checking including VChip, closed-captioning and CGMS-A.
+1 905 927 7724
Stand: SU6906

Management system


Manages airtime sales and traffic operations, as well as content acquisition, broadcast rights, long-term and detailed schedule planning, and promotion planning; features new Addressable Content Tools (ACT), which provide new tools for networks as well as cable, satellite, and telecom operators, to compete and generate new revenue streams in the increasing world of interactive and personalized media.
+972 2 651 5122
Stand: N3138


TV One

Lets the system integrator decide the number and type of video inputs, outputs and features; designed so that one C2 video processor acts as a base unit and a variety of S2 Expansion units may be added to make a custom switcher/scaler; units are interconnected via the rear panel options connectors to become fully integrated from a video/audio flow and control standpoint.
+44 1843 873300
Stand: N1725

Scan converters

Analog Way
Broad Scan range

Computer-to-video and HDTV scan converters fitted with digital DVI and analog RGB inputs; convert workstation, PC or Mac graphic images up to 1600 × 1200 at 60Hz (1920 × 1200 RB) into NTSC/PAL video or HDTV formats; feature genlocks fitted with loop through outputs allowing for device chaining and real-time conversion with high-performance image processing; include LCD screen and computer input format memory, which stores up to 16 user presets corresponding to 16 different input formats.
+33 1 64 47 16 03
Stand: SL4623

Content playout

PlayBox Technology
AirBox 4

Now includes ability to add servers to playout software; offers H.264 support; features a new Mixed Playout Engine that supports real-time transitions between clips of different compression formats, simplifying operation by removing the need for content transcoding and compression domain unification; replays multiple compression formats from a list comprising clips coded in, for example, MPEG-2, DV, AVC/H.264 and VC-1/WMV with perfect continuity between clips; features MXF support for MPEG-2, DV and HDV, a live presentation control interface, unlimited metadata support for clips and commercial insertion tools.
+44 1707 66 44 44;
Stand: SU11308

Automation system

VCI Solutions
autoXe MC

Enables automated content lifecycle management; allows users to manage one, 15, 50 or more channels with one workstation, in one screen, using monitor by exception; houses all metadata in one database, allowing multiple users simultaneous access without the need for a dedicated workstation.
+1 413 272 7200
Stand: SU727

Fiber access terminal

OmniReach 4×3 MST

Enables carriers to optimize the deployment of FTTP services; incorporates hardened connector technology, providing a durable, reliable and cost-effective plug-and-play service connection in the outside plant/drop segment of the network.
+33 621 24 4380;
Stand: N4124

Stereo codec

WorldCast Horizon HD

Offers T1 and IP ports to deliver both FM and HD1 content from studio to transmitter site; can use existing T1 links for FM transport and send HD1 content as a UDP stream; allows off-air monitoring or an independent channel to backhaul RPU feeds; includes an RS-232 port.
+44 28 9037 1110;
Stand: N8811

HDMI video scaler


Accepts HDMI signals, DVI signals (via DVI to HDMI cable), PC-generated RGB signals (up to WUXGA), HD component signals (YPbPr/YCbCr, 480i up to 1080i), S-Video and composite video signals as valid inputs.
+00353 61 715237
Stand: SL13016

Streaming media bridge

IP Caster

Low-cost appliance allows users to deliver their compressed HD content over fiber on copper IP networks; sends and receives both single- and multi-program MPEG-2 transport streams; features Web-based remote management and Pro-MPEG Code of Practice #3 Forward Error Correction.
+1 858 613 1818;
Stand: SU4928

Workflow management system

Xytech Systems
Enterprise Version 11

Provides a complete, end-to-end solution for the creation, management, scheduling, tracking and delivery of physical and digital media assets; automates and streamlines media business operations, including business workflow, resource scheduling and media asset management; additions include a new Web-based service request module, which allows users to remotely browse through media assets, preview, select and order media assets, as well as request related services, such as requests for delivery or shipments, dubbing, conversion, rental and resources; requests are then converted into work orders and media orders while scheduling the appropriate resources.
+44 20 7903 5170;
Stand: SL4326

Motion estimation technology

eMotion Engines

A motion estimation-based application; facilitates a highly creative process that allows content shot by digital cameras at 24fps to be cranked to any speed necessary for the slow-motion requirement; allows special effects, location shots or close ups in commercials to be shot at normal speed and recranked; maintains the maximum resolution color depth and quality.
+44 1488 657282
Stand: SU9206

4:4:4 safe-area graticule generator


Generates safe action graticules, safe title and center markers (short and full screen) for all common TV and film formats; designed for SD, HD-SDI multidefinition and for SD, HD-SDI and 2K ultraDef post-production applications; additional features include three safe-area cursor generators with full user control of cursor color, transparency and type, as well as specialized functions for text height and aspect ratio measurement.
+44 1923 256 000
Stand: SU5905

HD monitor

Marshall Electronics

HD monitor provides high-pixel density for 3.5in to 10.4in displays in one-, two, three- and four-screen configurations; newly developed proprietary technology delivers a completely digital image process onto each screen; features improvements in brightness, contrast ratio and viewing angles; configurations are available with HD-SDI, SDI, DVI, component HD/SD and composite video inputs.
+1 425 379 6472;
Stand: SU1926

KVM extender

Opticomm RGB-4000 series

Offers RGB H/V (VGA), stereo audio, keyboard and mouse, as well as RS-232 serial data, all over one fiber; ideal for high-resolution video applications; simplifies cabling infrastructures and provides LED indication for optical link status, signal status and power monitoring; features multi- or single-mode operation; reduces fiber count from five to one fiber.
+1 858 450 0143;
Stand: N3718

3-D graphics solution

Hybrid MC

Adds multiplayer scene capabilities allowing the addition of 3-D overlays to create more complex, realistic virtual scenery in real time; compatible with TITANIUM and SILVER robotic heads; integrates with third-party motion tracking devices and software; features zero latency.
+33 1 46 73 00 66
Stand: SL13216

Asset management system

Pilat Media

A comprehensive multichannel airtime sales, traffic and management system; handles both nonlinear (IPTV and VOD) and linear programming and advertising; new module enables advertising to be automatically inserted according to the household or individual subscriber profile across all platforms — digital TV, IPTV and mobile TV.
+44 20 8782 0700
Stand: N2020

Transmission recording and compliance

Digital Design Tracs

Fully automates the audio and video recording process, and catalogs program outputs for fast search and review; creates a continuous archive on a first-in, first-out basis, automatically removing out-of-date material to allow for fresh recording; records VBI information.
+31 161 850450;
Stand: SU11620

Digital format converters

Kramer Electronics

FC-47 accepts an HDMI signal and outputs a digital DVI signal, on a DVI-I connector, and S/PDIF audio signal, on an RCA connector; FC-48 outputs an HDMI signal by combining a digital DVI signal on a DVI-I connector and an S/PDIF audio signal on an RCA connector; support 20 PC resolutions from VGA at 60Hz to UXGA at 60Hz.
+32 2 357 11 50
Stand: SL4305



Includes four new video interface modules; the CH-ADSDI-IN is a video input card with composite A/D decoder input and features include genlock synchronization of all inputs to external reference, proc amp control of each individual input and high-quality A/D conversion with Quadracomb technology; the CH-INPUT-3GB-BNC is video input card with 16 individual source channels accepting up to 3Gb/s in a standard input card slot; The CH-OUTPUT-3GB-BNC is a multi-bit rate video output card operating at up to 3Gb/s and can deliver up to 16 individual outputs from a standard output card slot; the CH-HDSDI-OUT-BNC is a video output card with integral HD to SD downconversion.
+1 256 726 9200;
Stand: N3421

Hard disk drive


A field archive media for the nonlinear professional video workflow; the lightweight, compact, rugged HDD provides a highly efficient offline storage solution; available in 160GB and 250GB capacities; includes a 2.5in drive and rotational speed of 5,400rpms.
+44 1923 77 7171;
Stand: C8428

Content manager

vsnnetsharer and vsnmacsharer

Enable journalist PCs, editors and/or post-production teams to easily and quickly locate materials stored in video servers; allow searches by keywords in the SQL database; create copies in low-resolution in WM9 for searches or editing; from the timeline, the editor registers and copies news in the news video server playlist vsnairnews and/or vsnmatic in master control room.
+34 93 734 99 70;
Stand: N3714

Broadcast test system

Rohde & Schwarz

Provides high-precision standard signals; permits signal modifications up to the system limit; can insert defined errors; can be easily upgraded to accommodate changes in broadcast standards; combines a test transmitter, signal generator/recorder for MPEG-2 transport streams, a fading simulator with up to 40 paths, a broadband digital AWGN noise source and an ARB generator in a single platform.
+49 89 4129 12931
Stand: C1933

Fiber-optic connector system


Upgrade offers solid, ruggedized-protected fiber-optic connector system extends the outdoor capabilities of the system, sealing the connector against dust and water while retaining its IP65 connection; increases the reliability and maximizes the uptime for fiber-optic connection systems; enables up to four copper wires to run power or data signals through.
+423 237 2424;
Stand: N9029


Thomson Grass Valley

A new range of HD and SD MPEG-4 AVC encoders; take full advantage of the MPEG-4 toolkit and feature a professional-grade compression engine; the ViBE EM3000 delivers high-quality HD in bit rates as low as 4Mb/s; the ViBE EM2000 provides MPEG-4 AVC encoding of SD signals; the ViBE EM1000 is a multichannel SD encoder, designed specifically for IPTV applications where best use of the bit rate is the absolute priority.
+1 503 525 8150
Stand: N1313

Audio network/router/I/O matrix


Offers audio format conversions, A/D and D/A converter systems, audio processing, data forwarding, routing interfaces, multichannel metering, power amplifier control, intercom and logical functions; can route any type of audio input to any type of audio output, and can route DSP to wherever signal processing is needed, providing all necessary controls for EQ, delay, dynamics, faders, etc.
+499545440 143;
Stand: N2835

Robotic pedestal

Shotoku Broadcast Systems

Allows full X, Y and height camera movement as well as pan and tilt; navigation can be calibrated easily with a target tile placed anywhere on the studio floor; features pneumatically balanced, three-stage height mechanism; supports any camera configuration up to 99.8kg while gliding through 76.2cm of elevation at up to 30.5cm/s.
+44 1784 224650;
Stand: C7515

Adjustable lighting fixtures


Provide controlled aiming for key or fill lighting for video/teleconferencing multiuse spaces; the versatile 61cm × 25.4cm T-Bar mount fixture minimizes the ceiling opening for a cleaner look and is supplied standard with all accessories for installation parallel or at a 45 degree angle; within the grid and tilts 90 degrees for precise aiming; all units are TGIC polyester powder coated; the 110W units use two 55W Biax and are provided with a white Zone Control Screen (wide); fixtures are available with or without dimming in 120V, 230V and 277V; UL/CUL/CE approved.
+1 626 579 0943
Stand: C9508

Compliance recorder

MassLogger D.I.Y.

Logs years of broadcast content accurately; features easy-to-install software; allows logged content to be viewed via a standard Web browser, so users can search and retrieve content from any location; features automatic comparison between as-run and traffic logs to display differences and easily identify any missed advertising or programming.
+1 905 886 1833;
Stand: SU13813

IP router

Utah Scientific

Include a new frame for large routers up to 528 × 528 with fully automatic internal crosspoint redundancy and a second new frame that extends the UTAH-400 family's functionality to even larger matrix sizes.
+1 801 575 8801
Stand: N3531

Telestrator software
POINT-HD Telestrator

Available as a packaged offering of the POINT-HD Telestration software and POINT-HD video frame buffer card, as well as its current fully configured POINT-HD system; this package allows users with existing computer inventory to leverage further use of the equipment for telestration applications; users can also self-configure solutions; POINT-HD telestrator uses the HP XW8400 series of workstations, which is the same platform used by Avid and Vizrt applications.
+44 20 8755 2014;
Stand: SL11005

Enterprise media receiver

Unity 550-2

Includes MPEG-4 ABC video coding for SD/HD and DVB-S2 modulation; streams to additional Wegener decoders that are addressable over existing internal IP networks; features COMPEL control that makes product backward-compatible with the company's DVB receivers; provides hands-free satellite downlink operations to remotely monitor and reconfigure Unity receivers.
+1 770 814 4000;
Stand: SU7911

Client control software

Genesis Networks

Provides client control over remote bandwidth provisioning, point-to-multipoint routing and transmission scheduling; enables clients to book, reserve and monitor their network and occasional video services in real time, remotely or locally, from anywhere in the world; serves as a database tied to a flexible provisioning system that automatically reserves the bandwidth, equipment and resources necessary for client broadcast services.
+44 208 899 6464
Stand: N/A

Media repurposing

Screen Subtitling Systems

Designed for the repurposing and manipulation of media files in a server environment for VOD, mobile and IPTV/Internet TV systems where a wide range of media files need to be created, converted or repurposed quickly, simply and automatically; can encode, decode, render and multiplex media files to generate content, with a special emphasis on localization for multiple delivery platforms.
+44 1473 831700;
Stand: SU11808



Available as a standalone platform or as part of a system solution integrated with the Harris Platinum router; combines high-quality graphics, industry-proven architecture and integrated test and measurement tools; enables unique new capabilities and simplified designs that can reduce the cost and complexity associated with traditional, large-system monitoring implementations.
+44 118 964 8000
Stand: N2502

HD/SD video cards

Blackmagic Design DeckLink

Lets users instantly switch between HD and SD video connections; connects to 270Mb/s SD-SDI and 1.485Gb/s HD-SDI equipment; also connects to SD analog equipment such as Betacam SP decks or HD HDV cameras and component monitors.
+31 75 6572450
Stand: SL10920

Production software


Offers a comprehensive suite of software applications to control production workflows form ingest to playout; includes a new production playlist and a new series of tools offering intuitive control of media between XT[2] servers or between XT[2] and third-party craft editors.
+32 4 361 7000;
Stand: C4911

News production system


Allows text and video to be edited in the same application; guarantees an optimized workflow in the reporting of news and programs; integrates the rundown planning assigning of resources, text editing, material ingest, storage and cataloging, archive integration, shared editing of video/audio with voice-over from journalist workstations, graphics in real time and the automatic publication of news on the Web; integrates with most NLEs.
+34 93 734 99 70
Stand: N3714

Video transport system


Uses the company's ACT-L3 codec and advanced proprietary compression technologies; features a smaller, lighter weight chassis; enables users to transmit broadcast video in real time over any IP- or satellite-based network; measures 4.45cm × 48cm × 15.88cm; the encoder/decoder set makes it easier for broadcasters to integrate the video transport system into news trucks or other broadcast settings where space is scarce.
+1 206 956 0544;
Stand: SU15515

Directional mini-shotgun condenser mic

MKE 400

Features directional super-cardioid/lobar pattern, a control key on the permanently polarized condenser mic, a switchable wind filter, foam windshield, battery and microphone shock mount; increases the range of the mini-shotgun mic; permits the recording of low-level sound sources; delivers more than 300 hours of professional sound on a single AAA battery.
+49 5130 600 310
Stand: N8207

Motion-compensated HD upconverter

Snell & Wilcox
Quasar Ph.C

Features improved upconversion and cut-detection algorithms that enhance performance on a wide variety of complex images; delivers sharp, unconverted images from all types of inputs.
+ 44 23 9248 900
Stand: SU4220

DVB-T and DVB-H transmitters

Screen Service
Broadcasting Technologies

Offer SFN/MFN capability, adaptive precorrection and dual-mode functions; available in ATSC and DVB-T/DVB-H standards.
+39 030 3582225;
Stand: C1324

Media platform


Pairs a high-performance, HD/SD server architecture with best-in-class content protection; combines the highest levels of I/O, data pathway and storage redundancy with all the features of NEXIO servers, including integrated software code support and automatic up/down/crossconversion; provides integrated codec support for the Panasonic AVC-Intra and Sony XDCAM HD 35/50 formats.
+44 118 964 8000
Stand: N2502

Note: Stand numbers are provided by NAB and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of the listing.