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AJA Hi5 Fiber

Converts HD/SD-SDI for transport over single-mode 1310 nm ST-style FO cable to drive HDMI monitors; supports embedded eight-channel audio in the HDMI output, enabling convenient single cable audio/video connections; provides two-channel RCA-style audio outputs for separate audio monitoring; HDMI v1.2 capability is standard and requires no user configuration.


Dolby PRM-4200

A 1920 × 1080 pixel, 120Hz 42in backlight LCD display with 12-bit dual-modulation; has a wide viewing angle of +45 degrees; accurately displays DCI P3 and all HD formats over HD-SDI and 2K video content; approximates the full gamut of film; with 3-D LUTS, it can be calibrated to perfectly match digital screening environments.


Autoscript LED8TFT

LED on-camera teleprompter with an 8in screen; features composite and VGA inputs; offers a high-visibility display that provides 1700 nits of brightness, which is four to five times brighter than standard LCD panels; great for use in daylight conditions; has a built-in tally light and sensor; powered from an external AC or 12VDC supply (four-pin XLR).


Grass Valley Maestro

New software option for the Maestro system helps operators generate EAS text crawls in either SD or HD; simple software (v2.4) upgrade for existing users with the Grass Valley Maestro Enhanced Branding option; tightly interfaces with a facility's existing EAS system while providing HD text crawl capabilities; interfaces with all types of SAGE, TFT and DASDEC EAS alerting systems.


Hamlet DigiScope DS900

Allows users to monitor multiple simultaneous tests on up to four signals on the same display; includes an optional built-in test signal generator and space for up to four input modules, which can be of mixed formats: analog and digital, composite or component, SD, HD or 3G; embedded audio can be decoded from any input; an option is available for surround-sound monitoring; housed in a compact, half-width 1U cabinet.


Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 3D

Portable and compact playback device based on the new Intel Thunderbolt; provides full-resolution, dual-stream 3-D performance; has a 12-bit hardware architecture; features dual-link 3Gb/s SDI, support for up to 1080p60 in SDI and component analog and HDMI 1.4a, as well as full SD, HD and 2K support; provides AES/EBU digital audio capture and playback.


Axon Digital Design Cortex

Software-based solution is designed to make the implementation of multiple video and audio signal paths easier, more efficient and cost-effective; provides intuitive tools to configure, monitor and maintain the complete range of Synapse products as well as various other devices; enables multiple users to take control over numerous complex routines; has been enhanced with additional features, a hardware control panel (CCP1601) and client (redundant) server option.


Evertz 9782ENC

High-quality professional 8-bit 4:2:0/4:2:2 and 10-bit 4:2:2 H.264 and MPEG-2 encoder providing HD/SD encoding in a 1RU frame; also available in multichannel encoding models that provide up to four channels of HD MPEG-2 or SD H.264 encoding; feature-rich platform includes low latency, noise reduction, scene cut detection, eight pairs of MPEG-1 Layer II encoding, VANC extraction and dual IP/ASI outputs.


Intelsat Video Fiber Network

A network built for broadcasters to provide full flexibility and options for both SD and HD transmission; ideal for unidirectional, long-haul intercity transport of sports, entertainment and news events; 100 percent fiber network uses latest MPEG-2 compression encoding with data rates ranging from 4Mb/s up to 80Mb/s; end-to-end signal is always first generation.


Isilon X-200 series

Powerful yet simple scale-out storage architecture designed to speed access to massive amounts of data; uses SSD technology and scales from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes and over 30Gb/s of throughput, all within a single file system; system cluster provides a single pool of storage with a global namespace, eliminating the need to support multiple volumes and file systems.


Broadcast Pix Granite

This 1M/E control panel provides faster access to Granite's video and file-based content; features 16 input buttons, six keyer buttons, plus key priority controls with mnemonics for output assignments; when combined with Granite's Fluent file-based workflow software, a single operator can easily create highly compelling live video.


Telestream Vantage Enterprise

Workflow products unify video capture, transcoding, analysis, metadata processing, delivery and notification into a single, managed, futureproof, workflow framework; available in two configurations: Vantage Enterprise Control and Vantage Master Control; Vantage Enterprise Control is a workflow management layer and suite of tools that maximizes workflow capacity, resiliency, throughput and reliability for large-scale or mission-critical applications; Vantage Master Control is a higher-tier workflow management layer that adds visibility and management of complex video workflows and allows a unified ecosystem for multivendor products with centralized process control and monitoring.


Harris Magellan

Provides fast, powerful and user-friendly control for both Harris and third-party routing systems; available as a series of 10 programmable hardware panel types in compact 1RU and 2RU versions; template-driven panels enable intuitive, Web-based configuration for quick and straightforward setup in local and remote operations.


Jünger T*AP

A wide-band eight-channel processor (8×1, 4×2, or 5.1+2) for TV playout, studio and ingest facilities; provides two levels of audio processing; features Jünger Audio's LEVEL MAGIC algorithm (ITU compliant), which is designed to adjust the level from any source without pumping, breathing or distortion; also features Spectral Signature, which offers dynamic filters so that the sound can be “colored” as desired.


Calrec Hydra2 Operator (H2O)

Enhances flexibility of Hydra2 network router; allows the user to control the Hydra2 network independently from any console control surface; users can set up routes and configure access rights to all desks on a given network as well as enter networkwide I/O boxes and port labels for easy identification; offers the ability to arrange ports into folders, making them quicker and easier to locate; provides central management of network synchronization; uses Web technologies to allow network access from any browser and is compatible with all major operating systems.


Studer Vista 5 M2

Vista 5 digital mixing console now has an upgraded M2 version with the optional addition of a new, integrated TFT metering system introduced on the Vista 9 console; when the TFT meter bridge is fitted, the console's external GC screen becomes an integral part of the chassis; available in two frame sizes, 32 and 42 faders wide; new metering option can display signal levels from mono through to 5.1 channels on each input, with a configurable lower area that can be used to display bus assignments, surround images or the history mode.


Utah Scientific UTAH-400

New feature adds embedded audio signal processing to UTAH-400 series routers; uses advanced FPGA technology to perform signal processing; audio channels can be shuffled automatically without an outboard device or manual intervention; virtual control panel provides an easy-to-read display of the video signals and their associated audio positions.


Wohler MADI-8

Enables broadcasters to implement the Multiple Audio Digital Interface (MADI or AES10) in their production workflows; can be connected in series within a 64-channel MADI stream to audibly monitor up to eight channels; has a 16-character by two-line LCD display; features coax and optical MADI I/O, channel presence indicators and eight user-nameable presets.


Sony XDCAM Station

Becomes core of XDCAM workflows in networked environments, providing an effective bridge between XDCAM optical media and SxS memory card media; enables multitask and multiaccess capabilities; enhances the functionality and the performance of a media network; available in several versions: XDS-PD2000, which has an internal storage of 0.5TB SSD, SxS and Professional Disc; XDS-PD1000, which has an internal storage of 1TB HDD, SxS and Professional Disc; and the XDS-1000, which has an internal storage of 1TB HDD, SxS only.


NewTek 3Play 820

A 10-channel slow-motion system (8×2); supports simultaneous display, recording and instant replay of up to eight video streams, each with up to four audio channels; interpolated slow motion delivers smooth playback; easily imports and exports a wide variety of media file types; supports multiple playlists, including transitions and sound tracks along with linear time code.


Ensemble Designs BrightEye Mitto

Converts iPhone or computer material to SD- and HD-SDI video for input to a router or production switcher; easily imports YouTube, Skype video, weather radar, viewer e-mails or maps; small parts of a screen can be converted to full-screen HD; provides broadcast-quality video for use in high-end applications.


RTW TouchMonitor TM7/TM9 v.1.14

Combine flexibility and modularity with an intuitive user interface; offer built-in, online help function; allow for monitoring separate signal groups using multiple instruments at the same time; up to 16 analog and/or digital signals can be displayed; can be used as desktop units or in flush-mount installation; feature 7in and 9in touch screens, respectively.


Sachtler FSB heads

The FSB family consists of three differently-sized 75mm heads that provide robust, stable mounts for every HDV camera, as well as for DSLR cameras with video function; heads work with the Sachtler Speed-balance technology, enabling a fast and target-oriented counterbalance; offers no-compromise vibration damping, which is extremely subtle and finely graded.


Sencore TXS 3453

Delivers up to 16 channels of high-performance, reliable transcoding and transrating in a high-density 1RU chassis; performs MPEG-2 to H.264 and H.264 to MPEG-2 SD and HD transcoding and transrating of MPEG-2 or H.264 streams; includes ASI and MPEGoIP transport stream inputs and outputs.


Avid NewsVision 2.0

Comes standard with a four-channel AirSpeed Multi Stream ingest and playout server, ISIS 5000-16 shared-storage system, five editing clients in any combination of Media Composer and NewsCutter, and on-site training and support; features edit while capture and Spanish and Chinese localization; offers a robust set of playout management capabilities, including more than 1000 clips per playlist, insert/delete/reordering of clips, automated or manual advance, looping lists, clip status, and the ability to save and load an existing playlist; reduces time spent searching within video clips by allowing editors to easily search for a specific phrase within the clip. (opens in new tab)


Snell IQ Modular 3G series

Provide flexible solutions for multiformat and HD facilities; processing IQUAV10 engine doubles as an audio processor; fiber-optic interface modules support both coax and fiber; individual cards include format conversion, synchronization, audio embedding, de-embedding, aspect ratio conversion, video enhancement, legalization, audio gain, delay, mixing and channel routing.


Panasonic AG-HPD24 P2 deck

Solid-state P2 deck with powerful features including 3-D synchronized record/playback; native 24p recording with variable frame rates; has a super-fast USB 3.0 interface; features 24-bit, four-channel audio recording in AVC-Intra 100/50; enables playback and review of P2 cards on 3.5in, 16:9 LCD screen; offers an HD-SDI input; can be synchronized for master-quality, full-resolution isolated left/right channel 3-D recording.


Fujinon WL-325A DigiPower servo

Servo provides wireless control over Select and Premier series 2-D and 3-D lenses; features improved space for finger placement, wider hand strap for increased support, and reduced backlash for precise and steady zoom movement; servo designed for Fujinon's Select Series of 2/3in and 1/2in lenses and Premier Series of 2/3in and 1/2in HDTV lenses.


Harris HView

An IP multiviewer built for networked environments; supports compressed video and audio feeds, multiple compression formats and resolutions; includes support for virtual network control with RSS display and multiformat IP stream decoding with visual alarming; also available as an HView Hybrid SX multiviewer, which combines baseband and broadband monitoring with integrated test and measurement and VNC remote desktop control.


Miranda iTX

Tightly integrated with Miranda's iTX IT-based automation and playout system; significantly simplifies on-demand content generation by allowing the same assets, workflow and scheduling to be used for both linear playout and VOD file creation; tightly integrates linear television playout with on-demand content creation workflows to streamline operations; linear playout schedules can be quickly converted to produce C3, C7, Premium and other VOD variants; supports Nielsen watermarking, closed captions, AFD and V-chip metadata.


Quantel Qtube

Links remote studios to headquarters to support frame-accurate editing over the Internet — all with low latency and full security; supports SD and HD; local and remote media can be mixed on the same timeline; includes three key components: Qtube Browser for content viewing; Qtube Transformer, an interface between the sQ system and the Qtube Web; and Qtube Edit, an Internet-enabled version of the sQ desktop editor.


Tektronix WFM5200/WVR5200

WFM5200 waveform monitor and WVR5200 rasterizer can monitor up to four 3G-SDI signals simultaneously; color gamut monitoring features include Tektronix's Spearhead and Luma Qualified Vector displays for color correction and grading applications; feature closed captioning, subtitles, AFD decode/display and full ANC data support for quality-control applications; provide loudness and true peaks measurements per ITU-R BS.1770-1/1771, EBU R 128 and ATSC RP A/85 recommendations, as well as multirate color bar and pathological signal generation for basic installation and maintenance applications.


EVS Xfly

High-capacity portable storage solution for XT operators looking for cost-efficient way to back up production materials; storage case encloses eight removable standard SAS or SATA hard disk drives offering up to 8TB storage (140 hours of HD at 100Mb/s); features RAID 5 technology; system can stream up to 10 simultaneous live HD feeds at 100Mb/s.


Digital Rapids MediaMesh TX

An extension to the MediaMesh business-to-business content delivery system; provides flexible, easy-to-use content delivery packaging and sending capabilities mirroring the features of the MediaMesh RX receiving appliance; features include content and metadata management, file conforming and transcoding, resource creation, quality control verification, playout, print-to-tape, and delivery to individual recipients or groups at the network edge; features an intuitive GUI.


Genelec 1238CF

Compact three-way DSP monitoring loudspeaker includes a slim speaker enclosure, two 8in long-throw bass drivers, a 5in Genelec midrange driver and a 1in metal dome tweeter, multiple power amplifiers, digital signal processing circuitry, and active low-level crossovers; designed for medium-size control rooms; capable of delivering sound pressure levels of up to 117dB maximum peak acoustic output per pair, at a distance of 39.37in.


Marshall Electronics OR-901-3GSDI

Portable field/camera-top monitor; has nine user-assignable function keys and a rotary menu system; video can be displayed in three different aspect ratios; has a built-in vectorscope; offers auto-sensing 3G-SDI inputs and reclocked output; will de-embed and display up to 16 channels of audio and allow the user to monitor any two channels at once.


Apantac Tahoma-MultiCaster

Combines the functionality of a multiviewer and a 16 × 4 or 16 × 8 routing switcher for multiviewer; provides up/down/crossconversion; includes audio embedder; auto-detects incoming 3G, HD or SD-SDI video signals and provides on-screen monitoring of 16 channels of embedded audio per SDI input, as well as four channels of discrete audio per SDI input.


DK-Technologies DK Meter

A compact and portable audio loudness meter; meters stereo and 5.1 loudness based on ITU, ATSC and EBU recommendations; features digital audio inputs, selectable reference frequencies and reference level; offers variable gate settings; includes BBC, DIN, Nordic, ABC, DMU & DFS, LU, LKFS or LUFS metering scales; has a StarFish Surround Sound display in DK2 and vectorscope display in the DK1 model.