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Mohu Creates HDTV Antennas from Old Set-Top Boxes

RALEIGH, N.C.—One man’s trash is another man’s antenna. To coincide with International Recycling Day, TV antenna maker Mohu has announced it has created an HDTV antenna made from recycled cable set-top boxes and post-consumer recycled paper. Mohu says that ReLeaf was created to counteract cable byproduct and energy waste.

ReLeaf’s clamshell, which houses the components that translate TV wave signals into live TV, is made entirely from recycled plastic of discarded cable set-top boxes. According to Mohu, a pound of plastic from set-top boxes can create up to 40 ReLeaf antenna clamshells. Post-consumer recycled paper is used to create the flat portion of the antenna that catches broadcast TV waves.

In addition, ReLeaf is packaged in post-consumer recycled cardboard.

ReLeaf is now available at a price of $49.99. It is sold exclusively at