Miranda Debuts Presmaster 2 Master Control Switcher

Miranda Technologies recently released its Oxtel Series Presmaster 2 multichannel master control switcher, which features a new touchscreen interface and integration with the company's new Kaleido-K2 virtual monitor wall processor.

The new color touchscreen display provides monitoring and control of the core master control switcher functions from one screen, including video and audio source selection, voice-over characteristics, four layers of branding imagery and DVE configuration. The interface also provides improved audio metering and a status monitoring and alarm system.

The Kaleido-K2 virtual monitor wall processor interface is designed to simplify multitransmission channel monitoring by providing automatic reconfiguration of the virtual monitor wall when the Presmaster operator selects another transmission channel. The scalable Presmaster switcher allows one or more operators to control 200 channels, and the Kaleido interface ensures that the appropriate monitoring configuration is displayed for the operator.

Multiple channel branding features include four keying layers for inserting channel-branding animations, stills and clocks and an integral DVE for squeeze and reveal type effects.