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Media 100's 844/X Goes HD

Media 100 will debut an HD version of its 844/X video production system at NAB2003. Dubbed "HDX", the new platform expands on Media 100's Genesis Engine media processor that drives the 844/X and supports HD and SD.

HDX is composed of new software and an HDX PCI card that adds 10-bit format conversion to the GenesisEngine. The HDX has motion-adaptive de-interlacing with edge detection, 3:2 pulldown, aspect ratio conversion and HD picture and sound monitoring.

844/X systems incorporating HDX support input from output to all HD and SD digital TV formats and, upon input, convert HD source material in real time with a 10-bit or higher signal precision through an internal SD format. Upon output, HDX processes input and output images independently and users may elect to output video in any HD format, regardless of its initial source.

Media 100 expects HDX to be available as an upgrade for 844/Xi and 844/Xe customers for under $15,000 by the second half of 2003.