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Massachusetts public access channel facility adds UTAH-100 router

Public-access broadcaster and media center Lowell Telecommunications (LTC) has placed the Utah Scientific UTAH-100 series compact routing switcher at the core of its new million-dollar production facility in Lowell, MA.

LTC is a nonprofit organization that operates two public-access channels and one municipal channel for the city government. It also provides training and makes its broadcasting studios available to local citizens.

The recent expansion into the new facility gave LTC the opportunity to upgrade its production equipment and install a technical infrastructure that would allow the operation to grow and evolve into the future.

To anchor the new facility, LTC chose the UTAH-100 routing switcher to work in tandem with a Princeton B3000-PRO broadcast server from TelVue. A custom software control module developed by TelVue uses an Ethernet connection to facilitate communication between router and server, with a Utah Scientific CP-1601 control panel on the same LAN enabling remote quality-control capabilities.