LS telcom Begins Selling CHIRplus ATSC 3.0 Planning Tool

BOWIE, MD.—As progress continues to move forward with the next-generation TV standard ATSC 3.0, spectrum management and spectrum monitoring tech provider LS telcom looks to do its part in supporting broadcasters in regards to the new technology. This is highlighted by LS telcom’s CHIRplus_BC Broadcast Planning Tool, which was recently bought by Cavell Mertz & Associates.

The CHIRplus_BC system is designed to support both the current standard, ATSC 1.0, and ATSC 3.0. The unit is designed to deliver capabilities to maximize the next generation of over the air network deployments, whether that is through Single Frequency Networks or LTE networks.

CHIRplus_BC includes integrated support for the requisite FCC database information, integrated maps, population coverage and a list of supported propagation algorithms, including OET-69 Longley-Rice. The system provides a compliant planning capability with comprehensive configuration options that allow network engineers to plan for the current ATSC 1.0 standard, as well as meet the needs for ATSC 3.0. The support of custom antenna broadcast patterns captured by Colibrex UAS based measurements is also available to improve projected mapping accuracy.

With the recent Notice of Proposed Rule Making issued from the FCC proposing the adoption of the ATSC 3.0 standard by broadcasters, Gary Cavell, president of Cavell Mertz & Associates, said the CHIRplus_BC system filled a need for a RF planning and evaluation tool.