Logitek Moves WDAM-TV Into World of Digital Audio

Ricardo Dozier
LAUREL, MISS.—WDAM-TV is the NBC affiliate for the southeast part of this state, and like most stations, has transitioned to digital.

As part of this transition, we needed a new audio console for our production control room to replace an existing analog unit that required us to convert digital audio feeds to analog, then mix them in analog, and finally reconvert our mixes to digital for air. We needed a console that would operate totally in the digital domain to get us out of this situation, and did some serious shopping. After sizing up a lot of options, we decided that the Logitek Artisan console was the best choice for us. It had the feature set that we needed, as well as a profile that didn't require a lot of physical space, and came with a price tag that was attractive for our equipment budget.


We chose the 24-fader router-based Artisan that comes with a rackmounted Audio Engine frame, which is the heart of the system. The console and Engine both proved very easy to install. As we had done the advance wiring, it was just a matter of taking the units out of the boxes and connecting them with our system.

Logitek also provided us with some excellent post-installation support. They set up a configuration file that's based on our requirements, and also provided an on-site trainer for a couple of weeks to get us ready to place the new Artisan console on the air. The hands-on learning environment gave us a lot of confidence and reduced much of the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with placing a new piece of equipment into daily service at a broadcasting facility.

We also like its flexibility, which is really nothing short of fantastic. About a week after we started using it, an upgrade was needed for the effects module. This really amounted to no big deal, as changing it out took only a matter of seconds. This really raised our confidence level with the new console. Also, everything on the board is easy to read and equally easy to use. The Artisan allows our operators to save and use their own specific profiles by just pressing a button.


All in all, I'm really impressed by the new Logitek audio console and the level of support that we've received from the company. Any issues have been resolved quickly and dealing with their support personnel was not intimidating at all. In dealing with Logitek, we've found that we can always connect with the person we want and can get things speedily resolved. Logitek was a good choice for our station, and we look forward to many years of service from our new Artisan console.

Ricardo Dozier is the Information Systems manager at WDAM-TV. He may be contacted at rdozier@wdam.com.

For additional information, contact Logitek at 800-231-5870 or visit www.logitekaudio.com.