Livestream Helps Fish ‘Net’ Reel ‘Em In

Jay Feimster

MOREHEAD CITY, is an online community of captains, anglers, companies, and persons who just enjoy fishing. We have partnerships with Gaff Magazine, a coastal angling and destination publication, and with Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. Gaff Magazine helps promote the public events that we’re involved in, and Captain Wild Bill serves as master of ceremonies or as a special guest at various saltwater fishing tournaments and events that we run.


We’ve found however, that sometimes partnerships and endorsements aren’t always enough. In order to keep our community engaged and interested in our business, we organized a live events production team whose function is to help promote our organization and its various events. As part of this initiative, the team needed a way to capture and stream live video from the best fishing events around the countr. Whatever we chose had to be affordable, easy to use, portable, and provide high-quality streaming.

Initially, we found that most of the systems were either too complicated or did not stream at a high enough quality. level. After some additional research, we discovered Livestream and their Livestream Broadcaster product. This is an affordable end-to-end solution that easily integrated into our salt water network operations and has allowed us to broadcast live from pretty much anywhere, including marinas, conference centers, docks and even onboard boats. It’s a truly portable encoder that mounts to cameras and streams via either wired connections, Wi-Fi-enabled installations, or through a 3G/4G wireless modem.

We began using the Broadcaster shortly after its initial release and have been impressed with the continuing service and support that Livestream has provided for this device. We believe it should be given careful consideration by anyone who needs a live streaming system.


The Livestream support staff has been very responsive to any questions we’ve had about the product, and such assistance has been timely and well-documented. Unlimited email support is included in their free and basic plans, and should you want seven-day per week phone support, this is available in the company’s premium plan; however, we’ve found that most of our questions could be easily handled by email.

Our network team is looking forward to implementing Livestream’s soon-to-be released new Broadcaster which will have built-in Verizon 4G LTE capability. We’re also thinking about adding Livestream’s Studio HD500 “all-in-one portable production studio” to further enhance our streaming capabilities. The Livestream Service and Broadcaster have provided flexibility and growth without compromising quality, allowing us to just point, click, and stream.

Jay Feimster is the founder of the Saltwater Network and has worked in the marine and Web/IT industry for 17 years. He may be contacted

For additional information, contact Livestream at 877-977-8732 or visit