Linear Acoustic releases Phase Two of StreamStacker-HD

The new StreamStacker-HD e2 (e-squared) codecs offer advanced metadata handling to reduce re-encoding for simple updates.

Linear Acoustic has released the next phase of its StreamStacker-HD codec system. In addition to passing Dolby-compatible metadata, the system is now capable of generating and regenerating metadata in both encoders and decoders, providing control over metadata at every step in the audio chain. This allows simple updates or fixes without re-encoding.

Phase Two also enhances the performance of the DTS Coherent Acoustics encoder upon which the system is built. The new release also offers improved jitter performance, increased error resilience and activates a GPI-controlled soft bypass mode to allow the system to be installed in series with other coding systems, thus supporting legacy content.

A software development kit (SDK) is also available for OEM clients wishing to incorporate a software version of the e-squared decoder into their products. Real-time and faster than real-time decoding can be realized with low CPU and memory requirements.

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