Liberty Uplink Rolls With AMT

PROVIDENCE, R.I.—As a provider of mobile SNG uplink services, Liberty Uplink delivers high-quality content contribution from the field, regardless of the conditions.

Operational versatility is the key to our success and we rely heavily on our mobile units to provide a variety of newsgathering services. Our current fleet is comprised solely of Accelerated Media Technologies SNG vehicles.

Since our primary area of operation is in the northeast, physical size of an SNG is an important consideration. From Boston to Philadelphia, we work in older cities with limited parking, and have learned that mid-sized trucks provide the best balance between having the room to operate efficiently, yet still retain the kind of mobility required in urban areas.

Given the changes in transmission technologies over the past decade, the value of renting an SNG truck today is in its redundant and multi-path-capable services. Broadcasters have begun to routinely utilize bonded cellular, Ka band, and IP-based terrestrial transmission, but when the quality of the feed or the need for redundancy is paramount, there is still tremendous value in “legacy” Ku-band transmission technology.

My partner, Adam Sirkin and I placed high value on looking for an integrator who could provide us with the transmission “firepower” we need, yet be able to package it in a smaller chassis that matches our requirements. When we wanted to replace our oldest SNG truck, we contracted with AMT.

The initial specification and design of an SNG mobile unit is critical when it comes to day-to-day utilization of the vehicle. AMT met our design requirements for ample HVAC, large power-generation capability, and the physical rackspace to house MPEG compression gear and the communications capabilities needed to serve multiple redundant transmission paths, in the smallest possible footprint.

Liberty uses AMT trucks throughout the northeast.ATTENTIVE & RELIABLE
We were satisfied with the guidance and attentiveness to our vendor specific concerns. When one of our truck operators suggested relocating some of the externally mounted scene lamps, AMT was not only receptive, but decided to integrate it in their future production line. AMT’s willingness to collaborate with us on our specific needs has been a great asset.

Service was also part of our decision to retain AMT as integrator of choice. With any mobile platform there are inevitably problems to address, and we have had the benefit of AMT’s service facility as a resource to rely on for rapid repairs when necessary.

On the road, the overall reliability of our AMT vehicles has been excellent. We keep operational costs down with extended service intervals, and are experiencing reduced frequency of repairs. Due to these reductions in operational expenses, our return on investment has been exemplary.

The true value of an SNG vehicle is realized after a few years of remote use. Travelling from hurricanes to blizzards to political events, with temperatures ranging from minus 5 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, our oldest AMT vehicle has turned 85,000 miles with thousands of transmission hours. Since 2012, our Liberty #2 truck has been utilized by more than 30 broadcast organizations for news, sports, and special events coverage. With an election year and a busy news cycle in our midst, we look forward to continued success with Liberty’s AMT broadcast vehicles.

Chuck Ranney is co-owner and chief engineer at Liberty Uplink, Inc. He can be reached

For more information, please visitwww.acceleratedmt.comor call 508-459-0300.