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Libec Gear Provides Cinema-Like Images On Corporate Budgets

MONTREAL— I prepare corporate video productions, success stories, product demonstrations, training sessions and the like for manufacturers and service companies operating in various corporate sectors such as aeronautics.

Michel Leroux From the storyboarding to the publishing, with freelancers or on my own, I direct, shoot, edit, compose and color grade one job at a time. I’ve been in this business for several years and have found that the biggest change in recent years is in camera technology. We now have access to extremely precise tools that give us cinematographic quality. Hence, it is vital now to turn to tools that will make our productions stand out. We need finer, higher-performing technology and I’ve found through my experience that the Libec Swift Jib 50 does just that.

I purchased my Libec Swift Jib 50 and the company’s Remo 30 remote head with ZFC-5HD control immediately after the 2012 NAB Show. (For all I know, I might be one of the first users in Canada.) I don’t generally like to be an early product adopter, but as I already owned several Libec products, I was confident enough to “go for it,” placing my trust in the quality of Libec. I’ve never been disappointed in the past with Libec products, as the company is well known for its robust, lightweight and very portable tripods and cinematographic tools for field production.

The Jib 50 is very portable and quite compact in its carrying case. I especially like the design of the telescopic arms. The device is quick and easy to install, and this is very important since we are a very small crew most of the time, and have to operate on a short schedule. I use the jib with a Libec T-102 tripod, which is also very portable, lightweight and strong. The tripod is installed on a tracking rail kit, with everything tied to my Remo 30. With this setup, I can trace diagonal movement at a precise speed and achieve very descriptive top view “assembly line” shots.

The Libec Swift Jib 50, along with the Remo 30, provides me with greater flexibility and a wider scope of shots than I could obtain otherwise. It assures me of exceptional fluidity between various camera angles and shots. With this equipment setup, I can achieve some really dynamic high-angle shots that make for some outstanding images. Cinema-style camera moves are also now possible on corporate production budgets, thanks to this Libec toolset.

In my field, in order to stay on budget you must define the level of quality and the life cycle of the equipment you’re going to use. In the long run, it makes sense to buy high-quality gear such as that made by Libec. I place a great deal of trust in Libec products to make my corporate videos look great and they have never let me down.

Michel Leroux is the owner of Technologies Wrapmedia. He may be contacted

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