Lectrosonics adds VRM WB Wideband Receiver for Venue system

Lectrosonics has introduced the VRM WB, a modular Venue wideband wireless receiver. Scheduled for shipment by the end of February, the new model incorporates the company’s Digital Hybrid Wireless technology and is designed to extend the versatility and functionality of Venue series RF systems.

Whereas Lectrosonics’ first-generation Venue series receiver covers a generous 50MHz bandwidth, the new VRM WB Wideband Receiver covers the entire UHF band of 537MHz-768MHz in a single unit. The VRM is compatible with any Lectrosonics VRS standard module or VRT tracking filtered module in the standard UHF range. The benefit to the end user is the ability to carry a smaller quantity of VRM units, along with a range of VRS or VRT modules to cover virtually any wireless situation.

The new VRM WB Wideband Receiver offers a six-channel modular configuration that enables users to install any combination of Lectrosonics standard fixed bandwidth receiver modules as well as VRT tracking filtered modules, which are ideal for use in congested or other hostile RF environments. The new rreceiver supports three diversity modes: phase switched, ratio and frequency. Additionally, the VRM WB incorporates built-in zero-gain antenna amplifiers that facilitate RF signal loop through to additional Venue Receiver systems and DSP emulation modes for compatibility with analog wireless systems in addition to the Digital Hybrid mode. Connectivity includes both USB and RS-232 computer interfaces and the company’s VRpanel software (part of LecNet2) for ease of programming.

For more information, visit www.lectrosonics.com.