Leader Releases New 4K Waveform Monitor

CYPRESS, CALIF.—Leader Instruments Corp. has added the LV5490 SD to 4K multi-standard multi-waveform monitor to its range of test equipment.

“It is a highly versatile waveform monitor supporting the full range of standard video production and transmission resolutions from 525 and 625 standard definition up to 3840 x 2160 and 4096 x 2160 4K,” said Leader President George Gonos. “It incorporates a high-definition 1920 x 1080 9 inch LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle and high quality colorimetry. This allows simultaneous analysis of up to four video channels. The instrument also doubles as a high quality picture monitor for production crews working on location. Its 4K capability will be particularly useful to people working with latest generation cameras, whether for digital cinematography or high-end broadcast applications.”

The LV5490 accommodates eight input channels. Four connect to dedicated inputs accepting 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI and featuring SDI re-clocked outputs. Each includes Leader’s cable length measurement capability. The other channels can be configured as inputs or HD/3G/4K pattern outputs. 3G-SDI dual link and quad link are supported. Rear panel connectivity includes SDI and DVI rasterizing outputs, Ethernet, RS-422 serial control, eight digital audio inputs/outputs, eight SDI inputs/outputs, external reference and 75 ohm loopthrough, 90 to 150 volt 50/60 hertz mains power input and ground.

Two sets of HD-SDI dual link signal or 3D assist function can be displayed simultaneously. In SDI mode, up to four signals can be displayed, and in 4K video format mode, 3G-SDI dual link or quad link are supported. Up to four 3G-SDI dual link 4K video inputs or two 3G-SDI quad link 4K video inputs can be displayed.

The LV5490 can perform waveform, vector and picture monitoring, focus assist, SDI signal data analysis, cyclic-redundancy-check error, embedded-audio error, event log, data dump and timing display. Leader’s Cinelite II toolset also comes as standard, enabling assessment of relative exposure and overall luminance.

Waveform, vector and picture display can be viewed on-screen, and simultaneous display and overlay display of multiple SDI inputs is possible. Size and location of individual channel displays can be adjusted using a USB-connected pointing device.

The LV5490 incorporates audio monitoring and analysis tools: 4 x 4 channels of SDI audio de-embedding, lissajous display, surround sound display and volumetric display. Up to 16 channels of de-embedded SDI audio can be output as discrete AES3 feeds. Additional features include video frame capture, instrumentation screen capture, timecode display, tally light and ID display. Eye pattern display, jitter waveform display and Dolby decoding are optional, as is a rack-mounting adapter. The LV5490 is a compact half-U by 4U and weighs 4kg (10.4lb).

Leader will be at the 2013 NAB Show, April 8-11 in Las Vegas. They will be in Booth C6516.